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Rust. The sight of it made her stomach feel uneasy, not because of the fact standing on in it may lead to your downfall but, the fact that she had seen someone, a real person get decayed.

The incident started when the female was going about her day as a normal, average person in Japan, it was coincidentally on Saturday, were work was non-existent for her, a normal day to have fun and relax.

Yet as she thought about that a line of reporters rushed past her as a line of screams followed it.

She, out of pure curiosity, turn her head to face what had caused her fear.

A man wearing a black jacket, touching the head of her ex-bully. Now she has seen bad stuff, but this couldn't compare, it exceeded it. The screaming made her step back as she watched in horror, the man who made her bully disappear, suddenly vanished with a blink of an eye. After that, she absolutely was terrified of people wearing black jackets as well.

But this didn't stop her from doing what she wanted.

Being the cash register in a Cafe, was one of the reasons she wanted to move on and continue her life, maybe if she earned enough money to pay for her siblings school, she then could maybe, become the one thing she wanted to be in life, to reach her ambition.

A cute and adorable little girl is what he is absolutely craving for...

This target of his was absolutely oblivious to what he was plotting and when he was following from a far, it was fun he would admit but seeing her around other people made his stomach churn as his red eyes scanned his pray.

How adorable,

How cute

If she were to be mine.

He thought as he killed another victim.

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"Sissy WAKE UP!" Her sibling yelled, catching her attention, Y/n woke up frightened, "Wha- What happe-" as she fell from the bed.

Recovering from the fall, she rubbed her forehead, and looked at the laughing Demon, "Not funny [Sister's Name]."

"Still though, look, a letter!" Waving a letter in hand, she gave it to Y/n as she examined the envelope, it was neat and cute. A small red ribbon at the center closing the note to keep it secure, but something about that note made her feel uneasy, no one has sent her these things before, she doesn't know anyone in particular apart from co-workers who are either taken guys or girls, but still, how would this person know where she lived if she had no close friends?

Hesitantly opening it, she read the contents of it:

Dear Y/n,

                    Let's get straight to the point here, you're mine, but I know you have a sister to support and everything so, I'll give you a deal, I'll pay for her school, secondary up to university, how does that sound? But you have to go to XXXX at 5, if you don't agree, I'll make sure your sister experiences hell while learning.

- Love

"What the-" She stopped herself mid sentence, wondering what the actual heck was happening...

"Sissy what was that, you looked like you've seen a ghost?" Her little sister asked, with worry and confusion, not wanting to worry her little sister, she shook her head, and laughed it off, "It's nothing, it's just the rent for this month, that's all..."

"Oh ok! I'll go to school now, see you sis!"

"Have you eaten?" The pale girl asked...

"Yes! I'll go now, bye!"


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*❁*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*

Arriving at the place the letter sent her to, at a mountain cliff, it was a miracle she even tried going to there, hell knows what awaits her at the place, or if it was just a prank a coworker pulled, but the fact that they knew where [Name]'s apartment was, I mean sure they could have followed her but she didn't sense anyone tailing her, so that was enough for her to take that letter seriously, she didn't want her sister to hurt or suffer, so she had to comply.

For better or for worse she calmly asked to the blue haired male that was looking at the sea, "W-Who are you?", but failed.

A chuckle could be heard from the male, "Well darling? My name is Tomura, Tomura Shigaraki. And I'm your new boyfriend or! Better yet, you're future husband~"

This was for sure not a prank, right?

The girl stood there frozen and unabled to move, "What do you want from me? M-Money? I-I'm sorry to tell you this but—"

"I don't need your money" The male turned to face the frightened girl, walking gleefully towards her, his red eyes piercing her [Eye Color] ones.

"I just need you."

Suddenly, everything went black, but there was one thing that you could hear, the last thing before your peaceful life turns to a living hell.

Sleep Tight Darling, Let's have fun when you wake up, alright? ”

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