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The second I stepped into the lab I knew something was up. Nick was there, as was Steve, Tony, Bruce, and Nat, and every single one of then was arguing.

"Phase two is SHIELD uses the cube to make weapons." Steve said, placing a large metal gun-like object on the table. "Sorry, the computer was moving a little slow for me."

"Rogers, we gathered everything related to the tesseract." Nick said, taking a step towards the super soldier. "This does not mean..."

"I'm sorry Nick."

Tony cut across the Director, showing him a nuclear missile on the holopad. "What, were you lying?"

"I was wrong, Director." Steve said slowly. "The world hasn't changed a bit."

"Did you know about this?" Bruce asked Nat.

"Do you want to think about removing yourself from this environment, Doctor?" Nat replied coolly.

"I was in Calcutta." Banner said, laughing slightly. "I was pretty well removed."

"Loki is manipulating you." Nat replied, erasing a step towards Dr Banner.

"And you've been doing what, exactly?" Came the reply.

"You didn't come here just because I batted my eyelashes at you."

"And in not going to leave just because you get a little twitchy." He took a step back towards the computer seen, which still held the tesseract missile. "Id like to know why SHIELD is using the tesseract to create weapons of mass destruction."

All eyes traveled to the Director. "Because of him." Fury said, pointing at Thor."

Oh, so we are acting like children, aren't we?


"Last year, the Earth had a visitor from another planet who had a grudge match which leveled a small town. We learned that not only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously, outgunned." Fury said, pacing.

"My people want nothing but peace with your planet." Uncle said, and I held his hand tightly, noddingrapidly in agreement.

"But you aren't the only people out there. And you aren't the only threat." Fury tried to reason. "The world is filling up with people who can't be matched. That can't be controlled."

"Like you controlled the cube?" Steve asked suspiciously.

"Your work with the tweet is what drew Loki and his allies to it. It is a sign that the earth is ready for a higher form of war." Thor said loudly. I cringed as my father was mentioned. I had managed to keep him in the back of my mind, but thoughts were now coming to the surface.

"A higher form?" Cap asked.

"You forced our hand." Fury admitted. "We had to come up with..."

Tony cut across the director. "A nuclear deterrent? Cause that always calms things down."

"Remind me again how you made your fortune, Stark." Fury said, not listening to the billionaire.

"I'm sure of he still made weapons, Stark would be neck deep..." Cap toned.

"Wait, how is this suddenly about me?" Tony asked.

"I'm sorry." Steve said, annoyed. "Isn't everything?"

"I thought humans were more evolved than this." Uncle said, his booming voice penetrating the room.

"I'm sorry, did we come to your planet and blow things up?" Nick cried, the sound escalating. Everyone by now had picked a side, and was arguing, quite loudly. I groaned, the sound splitting my head open. It was to loud, to much...

"Dr Banner, put down the septer." Then the whole ship reverberated and everything went black.

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