Chapter 85

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Matt. Not Matt Stevens. Matthew Espinosa is stood directly infront of me wearing a black tux with a black bow tie and shiny black shoes. His hair has been gelled into it's usual look. He looks amazing. I stand in shock on the bottom step as he looks at me with the same expression.

"Surprise!" Avery yells. I quickly turn my head to look at her, she's holding a phone up at us. I shake my head and look back to my boyfriend.

"What are you-?" I start but end up being interupted by Matt slamming his lips into mine. Usually I would be really embarrassed- we're making out infront of my parents and 3 year old sister, but with Matt right now. It's perfect.

"Surprise" He whispers as he breaks away from me "You look stunning" He adds holding me at arms length and looking my up and down.

"How? Why? What?" I stutter

"I've been planning it for months. Jake told me that Matt was taking you and I couldn't let that happen. This is my moment." He smiles. "He said he was fine with it by the way" He is so hot. I forgot how hot he was.

"You look so good" I blurt

"You've got even more beautiful since I last saw you" He smiles.

"Picture time!" My mum shouts. I roll my eyes as Avery and Jake walk over to us. We pose for several group photos as well as couple pictures and singular pictures.

"Me!" Sky yells running over to me. I pick her up and pose for some with her two.

"I have something for you" Matt tells me when we are finished. He hands me a red corsage that matches the bottom on my shoes.

"How did you-?"

"I have my sources"

"Avery told you didn't she?" I laugh

"Yeah" Matt says hanging his head in shame. I lift his chin with my finger and lightly press my lips against his.

"Let's go" I smile, following Jake and Avery out the door.


We arrive outside a grand, old building. It's been decorated with white drapes hanging from corner to corner and clusters of red roses in 6 foot tall silver vases arrranged to form a walkway up to the main doors. I guess the prom committee really went all out this year. I step out of the car that Jake and Matt ordered and straigten out my dress. I touch my hair to check it's still in place as Matt interwines his fingers in my own.

"You look beautiful" He says leaning in to me "Stop worrying" He smirks.

"Thanks" I laugh. His grip tightens around my hand and he leads me into the building. Music is already blasting through the atmosphere and bright lights shine down on us as we take our first step into the building. A few eyes fall on us- glaring at me and swooning over Matt. I shift onto my left foot slightly and then again onto my right. This process reapeats a few times again before I notice Matt looking down at me. I look up at him and he smiles sweetly.

"Ignore them" He whispers "They're jealous"

"I guess"

"I mean, you are here with the hottest guy ever. You're gonna get a few glares" He laughs

"Just as I thought you were being sweet" I giggle. He squeezes my hand quickly before leading me over to one of the photobooths towards the back of the room, to the left of the stage showcasing the band that's been hired.

We wait in line for several minutes until it is our turn. We both squeeze into the tiny box and begin to take silly pictures, cute couple pictures and also pictures using some of the props provided- I decide on the ever classy big star framed sunglasses andbright orange arfo wig. Matt on the otherhand goes for a bright purple moustache and a red fez hat. Cute right? When we are done Matt drags me out onto the dancefloor and we dance (not very well) for what feels like hours.

"Guys" I hear Avery's voice over the music. I turn my head to see her waving a peice of paper in my face.

"What's that?" I say taking it from her. It's a small white card with 'Prom Queen' typed in cursive and with a long dotted line underneath. "A ballot slip?"

"I'll vote for you if you vote for me?" She says happily.

"Ave, I was going to vote for you anyway! Anyway, don't waste your vote on me- pick someone who actually wants to win it!" I smile, still holding onto Matt's hand. He hasn't let go of me all night- I'm so glad he's here with me tonight. Nothing can ruin this moment.

"You don't want to win? Are you crazy?"

"I've only been at this school for a few months, other people deserve this so much more than me"

"But it's prom queen!"

"You're making such a big deal out of this" I laugh

"It's every girl's dream"

"Avery. Listen to yourself" I say sternly. "Stop worrying about this Prom king and queen thing and go and have a good time with your boyfriend" I add with a smile.

"You're right! You always are" She says excitedly. I think she's been storing all of her excitement for this moment up for the past 17 years and now she's just about ready to explode. She jumps up and down in her heels and then runs away to find Jake.

I turn to Matt and shrug my shoulders. The music is turned down and a voice booms over the speaker.

"There's 5 minutes left to get your votes in for best dressed male and female as well as the all important prom king and queen. Thank you." The voice says and soon after the music comes back on, bringing the room back to life.

I lead Matt over the the voting station next to the photobooths and we cast our votes. Prom King- Jake Maloley (unfortunately for Matt; non pupils can't be voted for- needless to say, he was gutted) Prom Queen- Avery Matthews. Best dressed Male- Matthew Stevens (I owe him afterall). Best dressed Female- can I vote for myself? Joking obviously. I look around at the girls nearby, only one of them catches my eye. A girl with tanned skin, brown afro hair and a long, tight, red sequinned dress and black heels. I hate to admit it but Capricorn looks amazing tonight. Best Dessed Female- Capricorn Jones. I place my slips of paper in the designated box as the voice booms through the room again.

"Please can everyone take their designated seats, the meal is about to be served. Thank you" They say. I've decided that the voice belongs to Mrs Smith from the front office- the woman who helped me on my first day. Just incase you were wondering.

I follow Matt over to our table. I sit down next to Avery and he sits on the other side of me next to Matt Steven's date. Wait, date?

"Hey guys" Avery smiles as we sit.

"Hey" I smile. I look to the girl who I don't know. "I'm Sky" I say as friendly as I know how.

"Hi! I'm Emily and I know exactly who you are! You've been the talk of the school ever since you first started" She smiles. I don't think she meant that in a bad way "This sounds weird but I really can't wait for your tour with Shawn!"

"That's not weird! I can't wait either" I laugh

"Do you have any sons coming out anytime soon?"

"Yeah, I finished recording a bunch a few weeks ago. Hopefully they'll be out soon, I can't really control when they are out" I smile. Multiple waiters come over to us, carrying trays full of our preordered meals.

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