Forty-Five: Sexy Outbursts of Trouble †

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"Girls, go to the office now!" she ordered, flickering her gaze from Ruby to I every couple of moments.

Grumbling, Ruby stormed ahead to the changing rooms to change and collect her stuff first. I followed suit but at a much slower pace. Even though we were going to to office and I had no idea where it was, I presumed she meant the principal's office. My knees were still stinging slightly as I ambled back to the changing rooms which were nearly empty now. Even Coach Kate walked beside me in silence.

I got changed in a matter of minutes as well as assembling all my possessions. Coach Kate waited for me, Ruby irritated by her side until she began to guide us to the office. I readjusted my bag over my shoulder, everyone observing with avid enthrallment as we marched past them.

"Knock and wait here," she ordered, leaving us outside the principal's office.

I rolled my eyes.

In silence, the door opened and out stepped a secretary. She glanced at us once before ushering us in and pointing to the seats against the wall to the principal's office. I sat down but of course, due to Ruby's personality, she sat right at the other end of the line of chairs. I rolled my eyes again.

A few minutes passed by as slowly as paint drying and finally, the principal's door opened. He stood there, in a suit, clean-shaven and heavily professional. He stared down at Ruby and I before beckoning us in and gesturing to the seats. This time, there were only three so there was only one chair between us.

"So, would you," he looked at Ruby first, "like to tell me why you're here?" He clasped his hands in front of his face.

His office was like any other principal's office. The desk was in the middle, paper stacked in neat piles. There was a window behind his desk that showed the athletic grounds. There were two cabinets on the other wall and calendars and notices were hung safely on the walls. The carpet was a dull grey colour and the walls to match. It wasn't very pleasant in here, I had to admit.

"She called me a stuck-up bitch," she announced bluntly, shrugging.

"She then pushed me," I interjected. "I wouldn't have said those things if she hadn't also knocked into me first."

"She's ruined my best friend's life."

"A bit dramatic," I added hastily.

"She's traumatised. He was her whole life."

"And people move on."

The principal was sitting there, bemused by our conversation even though we were both firmly keeping our eyes on him. He rubbed his smooth chin and nodded, a small smile flickering at his lips. He looked at both of us, silence dwelling before fracturing it.

"Well, I take it you," he pointed at Ruby, "provoked her to say those things which for the record aren't the best things to say." He raised his eyebrows at me. "But you shouldn't have retaliated and pushed her." He did the same with Ruby. "So, I'd both like you to cool off for the lunch hour and forget this ever happened."

It wasn't the best advice you could hope to hear from a principal but nonetheless, I nodded and so did Ruby, crossing her arms over her chest. "Fine," she grumbled.

Ruby and I leaved instantaneously without hesitation and we sauntered up the stairs together. Lea met Ruby at the top floor and they stalked off in front, Lea makeup-less staring at me before turning away. My face was inexpressive as I followed them before I got to my room. Johanna was already on her bed, holding her stomach.

"What's up?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood and ignore the tension I just brought in. I closed the door.

"I'm so hungry," she breathed. "Is lunch ready yet?"


Johanna leaned up and examined me. "Why are you late coming from Track?"

"Got sent to the principal's office."

"What did you do?" she gasped, gaping at me and letting her arms fall from her clutch on her stomach.

"Ruby was saying stuff to me so I called a a stuck-up bitch because she's too far up Lea's ass and then she pushed me repeatedly so Coach Kate came and told us to go to the principal's office. We did so and all we got told was to calm down in this lunch period."

Johanna was gaping at me. "God, I wish I had your courage and nerve."

For once in this day, I chuckled. "Even with the trouble I got in?"

"Definitely. This is iconic!"

When it was finally time for lunch, Johanna and I went down together. We separated once she found her friends and in no time, Jason came strolling over to me. He sat down next to me, a small smirk plastered on his face. I could tell he already knew the news of Ruby and I.

"Don't say anything," I said, trying to conceal my own smile. "I know what you're thinking."

Jason laughed. "You mean you know I'm thinking about the fact that my girlfriend calling the person I hate the most a stuck-up bitch and I'm congratulating her."

One word caught my attention. "Girlfriend?" I repeated.

"Well," he breathed, leaning back in his chair and acting nonchalant. "I mean, it is the beginning of the spring semester and if you'd still like to be." There was still a smirk on his face, but it was widening into a broad grin.

"I'd love to be," I replied. "But I hope you know, about the bitch thing, it won't happen again. I lost my temper," I informed, spooning a bit of mash into my mouth as Jason watched profoundly until he spoke again.

"That's a shame," he breathed again, "picturing my girlfriend hot and bothered... that was pretty sexy."

It's safe to say I almost choked on the mash in my mouth.

Author's Note:

This chapter was kind of a filler chapter, but I'm starting to build up to a plot twist/drama which is happening in around five chapters or so, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

Thank you :) x

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