Bella's POV

I wake up in Jacob's arms. I quietly tried to get out of his grip without waking him. "Where are you going?" he asked "Oh shit, I didn't realize that you were awake" "Bella, stay here with me" "I'm hungry" He kept his strong grip around me. "She gets feisty when she's hungry" Nat whispered to Jacob. He let go. I got up and went to the kitchen, sam was making waffles. "Hey" I said "Hey, can I talk to you later?" "sure, when?" "How about in my room after breakfast" The boys who don't live here went home to get ready for the day, the ones who do ate breakfast. After breakfast I went to Sam's room.

"Bella, I need advise" "Sure what about?" "Umm, there's this girl I like" "awww Sam's got a crush" His cheeks turned a deep shade of red "shut up. I don't need the guys knowing about this. Kian already knows because I have liked her for a long time" "Sam, just be yourself." "Do you really think that will work?" "Sam, girls like guys who are true to themselves." "I don't know" "It will be fine. Make the first move soon before someone else does" I said as I walked out the room "thanks a lot Bella" "its really no problem. If you ever have any girl issues you can come to me."

I went downstairs to see Jacob on his phone. I grabbed the phone out of his hands and started running around the house. I passed the phone to Nash, Nash passed it to Cam, Cam passed it to Matt, Matt to Hayes, and Hayes back to me. I ran outside and hid in the bushes. I slowly came out of the bushes and I felt hands around my waist. I started to scream, but when I turned around it was only Jacob. "It's really cute that you thought you could get away with stealing my phone." I giggled and he took my phone out of my hands. He ran inside and passed his phone to Aaron who gave it to me "Thanks Aaron, your the best" I said and walked away. "Aaron what was that" Jacob asked "I think A.A.ron doesn't want Bella to beat him up" Maya said "Yaaaaaas Maya" Nat said "What did you just call me?" Aaron asked "Inside jokes are the best, its from a video" Nat said "Remember that time we actually had a supply teacher and we were joking around about it and he actually knew what we were talking about?" Nat asked Maya "Yea I started freaking out" Maya responded. "Were are we doing today?" Hayes asked, staring at his phone. not even bothering to look up to talk. "The mall" Cam said.


Small A/N

Hey guys, I need a girl for Sam! Comment your name (or the name you want the character to be) I will chose the name I like best and that person will be in a chapter thats coming up. If I chose you, I will reply to your comment and message you! ILYSM -Nat 

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