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More things to make your boring school a little fun
Question of the chapter:
What sports/ club activities do you do at school?
•In the middle of a test, scream "I can't do it!" and walk out of class. 5 minutes later, walk back in with someone pretending to be your lawyer.

•Walk around and look confused. Ask the teacher where you are, and then go "Oh, school?! I thought I was going to McDonalds!"

•Act terrified, and cry out "You didn't have to be so mean!"

•Write "Objects in the mirror are dumber than they appear" on the bathroom windows.

•When the teacher asks a question, raise your hand and answer "Two!" or "Three!" or anything completely random.

•Pick some weird uncommon word, like "Unicorn" or "Marsupial" and get the whole class in on it... then see who can make the teacher say that word first, without actually saying that word themselves or making any really obvious suggestions.

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