Liar, Liar. {Player VS girl}

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Kiersten Haymes.


Open Wounds- Skillet.

Chapter One.

It was one of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my entire life. To move away from your friends, your family, the one you were insanely in love with and leave behind your great life. I mean my life wasn’t the best life, it still isn’t. It has actually decreased rapidly in its greatness ever since I got to this god forsaken town. Adamstown, Maine, isn’t the best place to go to if you want to have fun. Not only is it fifty billion degrees, there are bugs everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. I have never ever been in a place where you can’t take two steps without getting attacked by some monster bug!  I shivered, and pulled my hood closer around my face. In Mid June, this town was full of them; gigantic ones. The rain has poured ever since I got here and I could understand exactly why. This dull, boring town is the epitome of stupid. I was walking now, on my way to my new school. My fingers were wrapped safely around my I-pod in the jacket pocket of my hoodie that had the words Bless the fall on it in bold letters. Bless the fall is my favorite band of all time, and in fact I’m actually listening to them. My glow in the dark ear buds were placed in my ears and blocked out reality, bringing me some place that was so much better than where I was now. Their music is like heaven for me. I kept beat with the music, my green Vans walking to the rhythm. I mouthed the lyrics as I rounded the corner and a white building appeared in my view. That’s right, at the end of James Street that was lined by trees, was large porcelain white building that stood out. When I say stood out, I mean it was the only place that was bright, wasn’t covered by shadows and had green grass.  Sighing, I started to stride and my music began to fade away into the next song.  I began to bang my head along with the music- not full out, but half way where my hood wouldn’t fall off.  As I reached the green grass of the school, I looked around and stared straight across the lawn. Hundreds of people were laughing, and talking around the school. I felt a pang of jealousy; these people get to be with their friends but I don’t? How extremely unfair It was. 

My phone vibrated, and I gave an annoyed sigh before pulling it out of the pocket of my gray skinny jeans.  Ten minutes till school. The alarm read as it blinked over and over again. I pressed the Dismiss button and shoved it back in my pocket before starting into a run.  The people started, watching me as I ran by, and my black hair flew behind me wildly as my hood fell from around my head. I closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply forcing my legs to move faster as I avoided a crowd of people.  People turned as I was pointed at, and watched me curiously when I grabbed the school doors. I forced them open and walked in, ignoring more eyes as they continued to follow me. I gave a huge grin when I went into the main office, and accusing eyes watched my every move. “Are you Miss Adams?”

I nodded to the woman, ignoring her as she glared and pulled out a schedule.  “this is your schedule for the first quarter, each quarter you are given a new one” she explained pointing to the paper before she handed it to me. “You see- your first hour is Mr. Lato and your locker number and combination is right here…” She motioned towards the top of the sheet, before leaning back and sitting in her seat again. “Go now” she motioned with her hands, as if dismissing me and I shrugged before turning around. “Oh and Miss Adams” she stated as I started walking away. I stopped as she continued “No funny business. I know at your old school they didn’t care, but things are different here.” I rolled my eyes before giving her a sauté mockingly and dashing out the door.

The locker numbers passed by quickly slowly getting close to the one I wanted. 145…143…I grinned as I found the locker labeled ‘ 141’ and put the combination in watching as the lock effortlessly popped open. Maybe this day won’t be bad after all; I thought with mock hope and pulled the lock off. I opened my locker with a sigh, and pulled my bag off my shoulder before bringing my eyes to the inside. What. The. HECK?! Yes, because my life just has to suck this much; instead of my ‘new’ locker being completely clean it was stacked with papers and- Junk! I stared at the locker, my mouth open wide with shock and breathed out before placing my bag on the floor. Alright then; let’s get this over with. I shoved out all the garbage, and smiled when I saw the people staring in shock. That’s right people, don’t mess with me. The papers scattered across the floor, and I placed my bag in the now clean locker. I pulled out my binder, and slammed the locker; before heading off to my first hour- of the worst year of my life.  The people stared- once again as I passed by. They watched me as if I was an alien, which wasn’t new. Oh and yeah, they glared at me. For whatever reason I don’t know, but I don’t care. Okay so yeah- that was a complete lie. I do care- I mean who wouldn’t? I’m already getting glared at on my first day of school. This is just lovely. I pulled open the classroom door and was greeted by the one thing I hated most, a teacher.

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