The Player and Me part 4 *rewritten*

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I am so sorry for not uploading this sooner! Please forgive me? *pouts and grovels at your feet* LOL anyway, I wasn't originally planning on posting this cause I still have no time but I forced myself to sit and write away! Anyhow, I'm also working on another chapter for Lost in the Breeze so that should be posted soon afterwards. Enjoy and please please please please please a million times please comment, vote and fan ^_^

PS: Did anyone else puzzle over the mysterious deaths of the 5,000 birds and fish in Arkansas for a while? It was really creepy and I personally do not think it was cause of the fireworks. Cause one thing to remember, birds don't fly at night. Think wisely young grasshoppers.


Chapter 5:

Carter's POV

A week passed since the eventful break in from the boys at Macie and mine traditional Friday movie night. 1 week of coping. Coping with the fact that I, Carter Elizabeth Andrews, was indeed in like with my best friends older brother. It's quite weird actually. Since I know I have no chance, he's in college, on break for, well I really have no idea what he's on break for but hey, I'm not complaining.

Back to reality, he's in college and I am in high school. Barely 18 and he's 20. Why would he want me when he could have an experienced, sorority chick. Like my sister (A/N in the old story, she was the only child but in the new one, she has a sister) Trinity. Trinity was 20, in college of course and was in, obviously, a sorority. She was one of the best. Had a lot of experience with guys and was even popular when she went to Beverly High two years ago. The same school as me. She was head cheerleader, and queen of the school. I was mainly popular cause of her. And despite her title, she wasn't mean or snotty. Well, at least not to me. But she knew when someone wanted to take her down or was lying and that's when her mean side came out. She knew how to get guys and drive them crazy and all in all, she was perfect. She wasn't a blonde, blue eyed beauty, but in fact, better. She had a natural tan that drove girls green with envy; she had black hair, which was naturally wavy unlike my, board straight hair, dark blue eyes, thick and long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, model height and white, straight teeth. Not to mention her killer smile, that once caused Dustin West to faint in sophomore year.

That was the type of girl Lucas would want. The type of girl he would fall head over heels in love with. Not me, never me. That thought caused me grief, lots of it. That was before I brushed it off. I was and always would be his little sisters best friend.

Today, it was Saturday and I was off to the mall with Macie and my other friend, Ryan. I haven't shopped in like, forever! (A/N Although Carter might be more down to earth than most popular girls, keep in mind, she is one of them and will act like that at times.) I threw on a silk red sundress, a black leather jacket and black boots. Simple, cute and yet, not trying too hard. Along with that, I put on a black head band with a red bow. For makeup, I went neutral with grey eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, red Cover Girl lip stain with a coat of clear shimmery lip gloss. Grabbing a tissue, I dabbed my lips to give it a more natural look.

Smiling satisfied at my look I grabbed my grey purse, and threw it over my shoulder. After making sure my purse held my wallet, keys, phone, iPod and my Christian Dior sunglasses, I ran out of the house, making sure to close the door and was greeted by Ryan's BMW.  The heels of my boots clicked against the cobblestone path, letting out an echo like sound throughout the empty streets. I opened the door carefully before throwing myself in and slamming it shut.

Ryan threw me an annoyed look which I returned with an angelic smile.

"Hey Carter" Macie said while grinning.

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