Abandoned for Life?

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hey guys this is my first story ever so u know its probably gonna be bad, i'll try to up load the 2nd chapter soon, enjoy! vote/comment and could someone by any chance tell me how to get a cover? thanks.

Chapter 1-

     OK,  so... you probably want to know how I ended up in the orphanage. When I was 10 and my sister was 3, my parents went out for their anniversary.  On the way home,  they stopped for gas. When my mother and father stepped out of the car, they were murdered. I have not seen them or heard anything about them for 6 years. Of course,  I miss them and all but I have gotten use to fact I have no parents.

"Soph! Sophie! wake up!" my sister yelled, while shaking me back and forth.

She has to wake me up, considering,  I would sleep till noon if i could. "Ahhhhh' I groaned, turning over and opening my eyes.

I got up and yawned,  then stretched, "Morning Tessalie"  I say still half asleep.

Suddenly,  theres a big splash of ice cold water on my face.

"Ehh!" I shriek. I grab my blanket off my bed and wiped my face. I look up to see her laughing her head off. I glared at her.

'What was that for??" I squeaked. 

"You know I hate being called Tessalie!" she said with her hands on her hips.

Oh right I forgot.  Ever since our parents died,  she goes by Tess now.  I dont blame her.  Her full name is Tessalie Ann Lee. We both think it sounds wierd though mine does to. Sophie Caitlen Lee.  I hate my name and I wanna go by Caitlen but Tess says it will get everyone confused.

"Sorry, Tess" I mutter.

"Its OK just call me Tess.  If you ever call me Tessalie again,  I will splash steaming hot coffe on you!'

"Geez, sorry"

"Good,  now lets go eat.   I'm starved!" she shouted already half way out the room.

 I walk into the kitchen, mutter some "good mornings" and sit down.

"Sophie, honey,  can you please take Tori with you to gymnastics?" Peyton asked.

Peyton is the owner of the orphanage.  She's nice and all but I hate how she makes me take Tori everywhere with me! I mean Peyton's only one person and has Tess and other girls that are younger then me to take care of.   Tori is the youngest.  She's only two, so I can see why.

"Sure" I say picking up a spoonful of cereal.

"Thank you honey, I really appreciate it!"

"No problem"

 "Alright girls, go get ready for school and we wil start."   "Oh and Sophie, take Tori and get her ready while I clean up." Peyton said.  Since we all lived in an orphanage,  Peyton was scared to send us to public school so she homeschooled us. It's hard for her cause of all the different ages but she manages it somehow.

"OK" I said taking Tori from her arms.

 After school I drive to gymnastics with Tori whining and crying in the back seat.

"Shush!" I said to Tori.  Of course she didnt  listen.

I tried again, "Shush!' I said louder this time and well,  that worked.

"Hey Soph!" my friend, Katrina said.

'Hey Katrina'

"You brought her again?" she said frowning and pointing to Tori.

Katrina hated it when i brought Tori, I don't  know why.  She just does.

"Her, has a name!" I said sternley

"Sorry, Tori"

"Thank you and Peyton made me."

katrina just sighed.

"Hello girls" Miss Jane our instructer says waving at us.

"Hey' we replied at the same time.

 We went out to the gym and did our warm ups. Then we practiced cart wheels on the 4 foot balance beam. It was hard, believe me.

 When gymnastics was over,  I drove back to the orphanage.

I stepped inside and saw Peyton watching TV.

"Hey" i greeted her.

"Hey, how was gymnastics?"

"Same as always, hard"

"You can always quit,  you know?"

"Ya,  I know but I love gymnastics and it's like the only time I get to see Katrina"

'OK, go on up to your room and give me Tori"

"Here" I said handing her Tori.

"Thank you and good night"


 I walked in my room and saw Tess sitting cross legged on her bed reading her favorite book, Twilight. I know its a little inappropiate for a 9 year old to be reading but I still let her. Only Twilight though.  Not the other 3 in the Twilight series till shes 12 or 13 years old

"Hey Tess" I said, taking off my clothes and slipping on my tank top and pj pants.

She looked up from her book and smiled

"Hey Soph"

"How many times have you read that book?" I asked pointing to Twilight.

"umm.... about 5 times"

"Gosh Tess, read other books for a change"

"Nope, I only like this one"

I sighed and climbed in to bed.

"Good night Soph"

Night Tess"

I layed there in the dark and thought, what would I do if I lost Tess? I would have no family left and I would be devestated.  I love her so much!

After about an hour,  I fell asleep.

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