Chapter 14

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Pursing my lips together I crossed my arms over my chest watching him as he mounted his bike. "This is a bad idea" I said glancing down at my dress "I don't want to flash my ass to the world. I think I'm just going to get a cab". Yeah that would be a better idea. This dress wasn't made for a bike.

" You ain't now get over here" He muttered holding out his helmet for me to take. Chewing on my bottom lip I shook my head "I'm calling a cab" I said pulling my phone from my bag and unlocking it. This is what I should have done the minute he offered me a lift. I don't want him getting the wrong idea, even though he said he would honour my word I wasn't sure I could keep mine.

"Stubborn ass" he muttered "Why pay for a cab when I'm right here?"

"Because I don't want to have to owe you anything. I don't want you to think everything's okay between us because its not". There I said it. Taking a deep breath I glance at my phone. It was approaching 8 o'clock, I didn't want to be any later than I was.

" I told you I would honour your wo-.."

"I'm not sure I can keep to mine" I snapped cutting him off "Unlike you my feelings don't just disappear in a day. I'm afraid to be around you because I don't want to give in". This is exactly why I told him there was nothing to take about. I didn't want to drag up how I felt.

Feeling his stare burn a hole in my face I laughed I fucking laughed " Guess I can't just shut out how I feel huh? Well you know what they say, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" I glared heading to my car. I knew I had slipped my keys in my bag earlier and I was thankful I did.

"You already did that remember?" He snapped storming towards my car.

That was it. Slamming my car door shut I stormed towards him hitting my fists of his chest "You really think I slept with Cage?" I roared catching the attention of my next door neighbors. Laughing out loud I shook my head "Unlike you I have some respect for my body. Now I'm not going to tell you again. Leave me alone, forget you ever met me because from this moment on that's what I plan to do". Storming back to my car I got in and drove off. That man drove me insane.

Finally reaching the black widow I parked my car round back. I needed a big glass of red wine maybe even a bottle. That man had nearly ruined my night but I was not going to let that happen. This was my chance to make some new friends and actually start my life here. Reapplying my lipstick I grabbed my purse and headed inside.

Glancing around the bar I smiled when I saw Josh waving at me " I thought you weren't coming" he smirked walking towards me and taking my hand "Come meet the team".

Dragging me through the crowd he stopped at the back booth with a group of about 10 people. " Everyone I'd like you to meet Ava" Josh said causing everyone to look at me. Smiling nervously at them all I gave a little wave.

"You are beautiful" Ally the girl I met early gushed beside me. I was guessing Ally had had a little to much to drink. "Really you are stunning, I'm so glad your working with us. Its about time we got some more girls around that place" Knocking back the shot she had in front of her she slammed it back on the table.

Everyone I had met was lovely and they sure knew how to have a good time. "Come on Ava do a shot with me" She smirked grabbing the shot glasses from Mark a nurse that was part of her team.

Shrugging my shoulders I took the shot my face screwing up as the liquid slide down my throat. Tequila!! "Oh come on I love this song" grabbing onto my hand she pulled me from the booth "Dance with me".

I wanted to know where this girl got her energy from. " I'll miss this one out" I smiled watching as she grabbed both Mark and Sean dragging them to the dancefloor.

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