A Dazzling Reward

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You bolt over to your aunt and uncle's house as quick as you can, praying to God that they wouldn't kill you for coming home so late. You walk inside the house and head straight for the kitchen. You spot the paint tools and green paint covering the walls. 'Oh no... I'm too late,' you thought to yourself. You sigh and take a look around for anything you might at least try to do. That's when you see a note by the sink and Uncle Cranky Doodle's handwriting on the paper.

"Michaelangelo, meatloaf and veggies in oven," it reads. Well, at least he's not angry and didn't tell aunt Matilda to make you go hungry. Then again, he's not that cruel.

Just then, you hear distant arguing from the house next door. You look and see Sunset and her mother arguing with Sunset's deadbeat, drunk-ass dad. 'Oy vey, doesn't that fucker ever learn,' you thought, but can't do anything since it's a family matter. As usual, that fuckface is complaining and sitting on his fat ass wanting more beer, which got you wondering why Sunset's mother married that shithole. You sigh and decide to take out the trash, so you go and grab the trash bag.

You walk outside the backyard, ignoring the arguing. Soon, you opened up the trash bin and put the trash inside just as Sunset came. "Were you listening to that?" she ask.

"No." Really? Why lie to her? "Well, I heard, but I was taking out the trash." Well, at least you're not muttering or else things could get awkward between you two. Sunset's smile still gives you good vibes as she chuckles while you walk towards the fence that divides your houses.

"I guess you can always hear us," Sunset says.

"Everybody shouts," You're not wrong about that.

"Your aunt and uncle don't," Sunset points out.

"Oh, they can scream pretty good sometimes," you say, remembering the times when your aunt and uncle once screamed so loud, it sounded like bloody murder, but that was either from a defective light bulb breaking or Matilda burning her hand while cooking. But before you get too caught up in those moments... "Listen, Sunset, about today... at school with Flash--"

"You really freaked us out," Sunset says.

"I know, really sorry about that. Is he okay, at least?" you ask. Yeah, it's kinda weird for you to be worrying about the guy who would pick on you all the time, but that's just the way you are. Deep down, you're as caring and compassionate as your dear aunt and uncle.

"He's just happy you didn't give him a black eye for graduation," Sunset shrugs it off. Well, that's a relief, but man that would've been funny. "So where are you going after you graduate?"

"I wanna move into the city. And hopefully get a job as a photographer. Work my way through college," you explain, thinking about how good it would be, living the city life. Taking beautiful photos, enrolling into a good University and furthering your education from there. "What about you?"

"Oh, I'm heading for the city, too," Sunset says. "I can't wait to get out of here. It's bad enough I have to deal with my dad's drunken bullshit. I wanna..." she hesitated for a second, but had you curious.

"What? What is it?" you ask. Sunset fidgeted a little, as if she was unsure about revealing her dream to you, thinking it might not sound good to you. "Come on, you can tell me." Finally, Sunset sighs, then looked at you, blushing while keeping that beautiful smile on her face.

"The thing is... I wanna gain some experience acting. And I was planning on practicing acting by enrolling into Canterlot University after high school," she says.

"Really?" you ask, surprised and happy to hear. She nods. "That's perfect!" A little overboard, but hey, at least you're earning cool points for supporting her. "You were awesome in all the school plays!"

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