seventeen - harry

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seventeen – harry

When Harry would occasionally be left alone, dark thoughts would cloud his mind.


            It wasn’t something rare, to be bluntly honest; as he lay on his bedding during the night, when the candles were blown out and the sheets were finally warm against his skin, nocturnal thoughts that lurked at the back of his mind – most times, at least – would come up to the surface of his brain, torturing him relentlessly and forcing him to do things he never wanted to, and that cold night was no exception when he heard the voice laughing in his ear, Don’t stay there motionless, you little minx. Don’t you have trouble to cause? Just so that Daddy spanks you again?  Harry shivered, pushing the covers hesitantly away from his body and getting up from his bed.

            He pulled the fine, satin robe over his body, a gift Angie had brought him when she returned from a trip of hers to the Ottoman Empire, and oh how he absolutely loved; how soft and delicate and wealthy it made him felt.

            Harry then began strolling lazily across the circus, feeling the cold, winter air hitting his face gracefully. Most of the performers had already fallen asleep; it was a clear, beautiful night, and Harry could see almost all the stars the sky could hold, and he would have gladly stayed on the cool grass, watching the constellations and minding his own business; however, he decided to ditch the specific idea and walk back in again, passing in front of Liam’s office in the meantime.

            He stopped right in front of the door when he heard voices chatting, “But, I don’t understand, wouldn’t that make you profit?” a strange voice questioned. Harry leaned in to check through the small opening of the door, finding Liam leaning against his desk with his hands crossed in front of his chest, and a short, chubby man, standing in front of him.

            Harry quickly recognized him of course; he would recognize everyone that stood in the audience after every one of his performances, always remembering the ones who worshipped him, “I’m sorry, Mr. Corden, but we are not an auction house of any sort. Our performers, my employees are not up for sale whatsoever. And that includes Harry as well.”

            The small boy perked up at that, while Mr. Corden’s face turned into a cold, stiff look, “But I’ve heard that you’ve been organizing sessions with customers. All I’m asking is to buy him from you for good – you won’t have to pay for his food or his shelter, I’m doing you a favor, Mr. Payne.”

            “Harry is not a burden to me,” Liam said defensively, “And I only schedule sessions with fine, special customers, who have helped our circus since day one. Besides, Harry hasn’t been accepting customers for a while, after an incident with poor Mr. Winston, he’s been trying to recover.”

            “So it is obvious that you cannot take care of him, letting every strange man hurt one of your employees. If you gave him to me, I would take care of him the way he needs to. A good fucking is what he needs. You could see it from the way he was dancing on the stage, like he was gagging for it.”

            A loud smack was heard as Liam’s pounded his fist angrily on the table, “Mr. Corden, this deal is not up for negotiation. I will not be selling Harry to anyone, much a simple viewer like you. We are not an auction house, and I will not be exposing my employees to your twisted fantasies, and that is the end of it!”

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