Staci Stasis

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Her eyes stared at him from through the tank.

"Hello doll." He said to the glass, wiping away the wet layer of condensation that clouded his view of her. Staci's eyes stared back, unblinking, unmoving, yet somehow still alive. Her long blonde hair rippled slowly through the water, caught in the gentle current of the stasis chamber's circulation.

Saul spread out a small blanket on the railing in front of the chamber, snapping it forward and then letting it settle gently to the ground.

"How was my day?" He said, still squatting, but turning his neck to look at her. Saul put his hand down on the blanket, lowering himself to sit cross legged in front of the girl.

"Good, good. Just another boring day without you." Saul unzipped his knapsack and pulled out a sandwich. He took a bite and stared up at the girl. She stared back, never moving.

"You know," Saul said with a mouthful of ham sandwich, "This really sucks. I mean why is there only two of us awake at a time? And why are the shifts so long? Six months and then back into the deep freeze?"

Saul stood up and put his hand on the glass. "The stars. The stars out here are so beautiful. I wish you were here with me to see them." He ran his finger along the tank, tracing the outline of her face. "When was the last you were awake? Ten years? Twenty? A hundred? A thousand?"

As if to answer, the tanks filters kicked in with a soft hum and a large bubble of air burst out, washing over the girls face.

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