4. Clean-bowled

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"Would you like to grab a coffee or something cool?" Omkara asked her, studying Gauri's expressions closely.

Does she know that her expressions are way far from being subtle?

"Yeah sure!" She said with the same excitement with which she handed over him the autograph diary.

Gauri Trivedi, an interesting girl who popped up in Omkara Singh Oberoi's life all of a sudden, whose doe eyes had courage and innocence radiating, which always caught his attention. It radiated fire too.

An addition to the weird humans around me! A bit different, in a better way!

"One Cappuccino and One Latte." He placed the order, in the nearby cafe while she sat opposite to him, her not-so-subtle stare making him rapidly conscious.

"So.. how was the day?" Om asked her, breaking the silence.

"Was good!" She shrugged, her lips curving upwards.

"You didn't come to the park today!" She murmured as the waiter placed their coffees.

"It's not a routine thing. You expected me?"

Gauri looked up surprised at the fact that he indeed heard her.

'I have to be blind not to see the goofy smile and child-like excitement in her eyes when we meet.' Om smiled along with his thoughts.

"Long hair suits you! You look good!" She said, dodging his question smoothly.

Om chuckled softly acknowledging her compliment and mumbled a Thank you while she bit her tongue embarrassed.

A talk of mere 10 minutes made him realise one fact - to bring the real Gauri, talk about cricket. Her team, the matches she played, her idol Kaali uncle - everything she shared had excitement laced in it.

"You're playing for your team. As far as they're in your support you shouldn't think of anything else. Just bring the Gauri who managed to break someone's ego with unmatchable fierceness into the field." Omkara said as she ranted about the experience of the T20.

"Mm..Hmm.." She hummed with a smile. "You know... Nobody's words affect me like my dad's does. And he said the same things to me. Finally... I'm.. feeling good listening to you." She sat back leaning the chair after tapping the table. "Well, that doesn't mean you both are similar, okay. Pappa is very different. Just clearing things!" She shrugged at the end.

"I could guess that you're a spoilt father's princess when I saw your impatience that day. Your 'no nonsense please' attitude was so clear." He said, chuckling as she rolled her eyes again. Beautiful eyes. "Well, it's normal to get jittery at a point where we escalates in our graph. You know, the profession demands to challenge and prove yourself everyday. You hold the bat, handle the ball and face the crowd. It's common."

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