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"Can I have some?" Neveah asked Mir because he was the only one with food.

After the shootout Mir and everybody else went to Pooter's house. Mir had left and came back with some Chinese food.

Mir just mugged Neveah then started back eating his food.

She frowned "Why are you so rude?"

"Bro, shut the fuck up talking to me." He said harshly then went back to eating his food.

"Just leave him alone, he not a people's person." Pooter told her.

Neveah instantly started feeling sad.

She hadn't taken her medicine this morning because she forgot it at home.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" Mir asked harshly but he was genuinely concerned.

"I will be back." She said lowly then walked out of the door.


Once she had got to her parents house, she took out her lighter.

She flicked it on and smiled seeing the fire. taking out a sheet of paper, she lit it in fire, then threw it in the bushes. Right in front of the house.

Watching the bushes catch on fire, she was satisfied watching the fire start to slowly spread onto the house.

See.. a lot of things is fucked up with Neveah, she just tries not to show it.

She absolutely hates her disorders and if she could, just choose to be normal, she would.

Neveah struggles with Pyromania, Bipolar, and IED disorders.

Neveah smiled and skipped back to Pooter's house.


"Where you went?" Nelly asked squinting his eyes at her.

"I just went and walked around." Neveah frowned then sat by Mir again.

Mir looked into Neveah eyes to see if she was lying, and she was making him suck his teeth but not say anything.

"Alright. Y'all wanna play a game?" Lea suggested making everybody agree.

"Alright. We playing hideagoseek in the dark." Lea said rubbing her hands together.

"A/N I know my family not the only people that say it like that.)

"How and it's not even all the way dark?" Pooter asked.

It was dark but not that dark. The sky was still blue but it would be getting dark soon.

"The curtains, dummy." She mugged him then got up and pulled the curtains over the window.

"Bet. Mir you playing?" Nelly asked making mor shake his head no.

"Mmcht, alright y'all. I'm it." Lea said making everybody nod and she started counting.

Everybody went into their hiding spots.

Pooter went into the bathroom in the guest room.

Nelly went under Pooter's bed.

Mani hid under the sink in the bathroom.

Neveah went under the kitchen sink and closed the draws.

"30 READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" She yelled then went to find them.


Neveah was the last one standing.

Nobody had found her and they was starting to get frustrated.

"I give up, just come out." Lea sighed making Neveah smile.

She got from under the sink and walked into the living room.

"WHERE WAS YOU?!" Pooter yelled at her making her chuckle.

"A true magician never reveals her secrets."

She walked over to sit down but she tripped and landed in Mir's lap.

Mir had fell asleep while they were playing the game.

Neveah tried to get up but Mir held her down.

She tried again, making Mir aggravated.

"Stay the fuck still." He said harshly they pulled her close.

She just sighed and put her head in his neck while wrapped his arms around her waist and put his head in her neck.

"Aww." Was the last thing they heard until they fell asleep like that.


I know y'all prolly like 'what the fawk am I reading' chile.. idk neither.

"She said, she said, you ain't no good, no goodBut you feel so good, she said, she said, what if I could?But I gotta leave you alone

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"She said, she said, you ain't no good, no good
But you feel so good, she said, she said, what if I could?
But I gotta leave you alone."

"I got my mind on my money,
All I need is a bad bitch
That I can run through the city spend this cash with
That I can run through this city spend this cash on."

670 words 🧮

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