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11:00 pm
"Hey Maya, I think you should get some rest we have a big day tomorrow." I hear Mads shout from down stairs.
"Okay!" I shout back going down the stairs. I walk up to Jaden, hug him and say good night, I do the same to every one else too. Then I go get a bottle of water from the fridge and go back up stairs.

NEXT DAY (10:00 AM)
I wake up and head to the bathroom. Once im in there i take a shower, then get dressed.

After I get dressed I go down stairs

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After I get dressed I go down stairs.
"Good morning papa." I say hugging Jaden
"Good morning my love." Jaden says hugging me back. I hug Bryce and my mom, then go to Josh.
"Do i get a hug today?" Josh says putting his arms out.I nod and hug him. He rubs my back and wispers in my ear  "thank you." I pull back and smile.

"So mom what is the "big thing" were doing today?" I ask her
"We are going to the mall and getting you new clothes, furniture, and some decorations!" She says excitedly
"Really!?" I say smiling big

"Of course sweet heart uou deserve it!" Jaden says
"Wait! Is it going to be us three or us and everyone else?" I ask looking at the boys
"It will be all of us so they can help you pick things out." Mads says and Jaden nods.

I nod and grab my phone from my bed upstairs.
"Maya, are you ready to go?" I hear Jaden yell from downstairs. 
"Yeah! Im coming." I yell going down the stairs. Once i get down stairs i hear every one taking about who is riding with who.

"I wanna ride with Maya." Josh says
"Yeah, me too." Bryce says
"Okay well if I drive and Mads is in the passenger seat, you three could sit in the back." Jaden says to us three.

(Pretend bryce and Josh and Quinton are 16 / Maya is 14)

"Okay!" We all say at the same time.
"K then lets go!" Mads says grabbing her purse and going to the door. I follow her and jaden starts the car.

"See you guys there!" The other boys say
"Bye!" We all say heading to the car. We get on and i sit in the middle next to bryce and Josh.
"Okay, we're here!" Jaden says putting the car in park.

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