Chapter 8 - I Really Did Not Mean To Disrespect You

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Jacky's P.O.V.

I let out a soft sigh of relief after Josh exited the room, instantly making me feel less pressured. I can't even comprehend how much I disliked him. But at the moment, I disliked myself more. I acted like someone I wasn't. I made a bad impression. Not on Josh... I didn't care about him, I hope he likes the bruises. I mean Natasha. I made a bad impression for her and now she was gone already. I couldn't come to grip with how quickly I messed things up. I felt so stupid for putting Natasha in the position where she'd have to chose. I played right into Josh's hands and I felt so awful. I just wanted to start things over. Pretend this never happened, but I ask for too much, don't I?

Ronnie burst into the room vibrantly, his red leather jacket lighting up the dull and lonely room. What I loved about Ronnie was that as soon as he stepped foot into a room, he would swell the atmosphere with his outrageous vibes, instantly making everyone feel calm and safe. 

In after him strolled my beautiful girl, wiping the rims of her eyes with her fingertips as she fought away anymore tears that battled to be spilled over her flushed cheeks. When her gorgeous hazel eyes were placed on me finally, it sent me straight to my feet, urging me to say something... Anything. "Natasha, I'm so sorry" I apologised as I watched her carefully push her black hair out of her face, revealing more of her flawless face.

With a deep breath, she stepped towards me in silence, crossing the rough grey carpets, flinging her arms around me as if nothing ever happened. "Don't be" she whispered into my ear, burying her head in the crook of my neck as I reached my arms around her curvy waist, gripping onto the back of the tight leather jacket that hugged her figure perfectly.

I felt like I had everything I could ask for as I rested my head on her shoulder, feeling her soft lips kiss my neck tenderly.

Normal P.O.V.

Without question, Ronnie quickly gestured for everyone to leave the room, as he followed my band mates out with a reassuring wink before he shut the tall wooden door, leaving Jacky and I to talk over things.

With a confident urge, I slipped my hand into Jacky's guiding him over to one of the many leather couches. My body sunk into the cold material next to Jacky as my eyes examined his face eagerly. I just didn't understand. How? Why? When did I get this lucky? I remember when I'd lay awake at night (due to the awful insomnia I've always suffered with) and think. I'd think about all kinds and all of it would revolve around my future. I would imagine the friends I'd have, the car, the house, the fans... But most of all, I'd think about the man I'd spend the rest of my life with. He always had gorgeous blue eyes since nothing attracted me more than blue eyes. He had long hair that always looked perfect no matter what colour, no matter how he wore it. He always treated me how I deserved to be treated. That's why I don't understand how I ever feel for Josh. He was the complete opposite to any of that. And worst of all, he didn't even have a nice personality.

I took my eyes away from Jacky instantly feeling the unbearable urge to burst out crying as I thought over past events. Before I could think any further, I decided to push away the bad thoughts and break the silence. "I'm sorry" I admitted, holding a hand towards my chest as a simple gesture of enthusiasm, " I was just so angry at Josh that I took some of it out on you too" I sniffled, trying to pick up the pieces that seemed to be smashed all over the floor. The thing that hurt me the most was that I treated Jacky exactly how Josh treated me. Like dirt. When in actual fact.... Jacky couldn't even be compared to dirt. He meant so much to me that it stung like an open wound knowing that I had treated him so badly.

Jacky sensed my sorrow as his eyes hovered over mine, with forgiveness plastered in the corners of his flawless smile. He kept silent as I intended to continue, clenching onto my hand tightly.

"Warped Tour is starting soon and I know that when that happens, everything will be manic." I started slowly, stroking my thumb against the tattoo on his right hand, "I just want to spend as much time with you as possible before that happens" I sighed, taking my eyes away from his to place them on a small ball of dust that shifted slowly against the carpet with the air conditioning pushing it along eagerly.

Jacky's face lit up like a lightning bolt stretching across a dark horizon, which perked me up knowing that I hadn't messed things up too much, "and before that we've got days full of press and interviews" he nodded in total understanding as his eyes glided over me, "How about we do something tonight?" he suggested giving me a pout which made it impossible to play "hard to get", "I mean... We can't leave the grounds at the moment but we could order a pizza and watch the sunset?" he grinned as he raised an eyebrow with his hopeless romantic ideas.

I blushed, trying to hide behind my long lashes, "That would be amazing" I giggled as Jacky leaned in to kiss me.

"Tash, we have an interview in 10 minutes" Ryan blurted as he swung the door open, immediately causing Jacky and I to pull away from each other. I could tell from the look on Ryan's face he felt awkward about interrupting our moment. "Umm sorry..." he murmured, causing Jacky to chuckle.

"And so the press begins..." I moaned, wishing the kiss hadn't been interrupted. It would've made it all worthwhile.

Jacky scrambled to his feet, helping me up with him, "So it seems" he sighed with another pout before he pecked my lips quickly, as if he read my thoughts. I wrapped my arms around Jacky, squeezing him tightly before I let go, "I'll miss you" I gave a childish giggle as I made my way towards the door.

"I'll miss you more!" he teased, reaching around the door frame to watch me descend along the cold corridor, "meet me back in the bus"he called after me, causing me to look back with a huge smile plastered on my face.

"I will" I promised, blowing him a kiss as I turned the corner out of his sight, making my way towards the interview rooms with my band mates - Ryan, Tom and Jack - strolling in front of me.

I'll admit, I was nervous. Exceptionally nervous actually. The thing is... I never liked interviews much. I didn't dread them, but I'd rather be on stage, or talking to fans personally. I just felt so pressured. Like I had to give the interviewer a good story or I'd fail. I didn't want to give the wrong impression to my fans because they were the people I cared about the most, they were the people I wanted to be there for.

I followed Jack through a door where we were told to sit on a green couch until the interviewer turned up. The room was more comfortable than I remember it being. Bands signatures were now pasted all over the walls, I even recognised a few. There was Black Veil Brides', Motionless In White's and Pierce the Veil's which made me honoured to even be sat here. Paint chipped off the walls and the carpets were torn in one corner which made me wonder what people actually did in these rooms. Weird.

"Hello you guys" came a strong American accent from the doorway which caused me to look up from my hands immediately. A tall blond haired man stood plugging a mic into his camera, he wore the biggest smile I had ever seen. When he finished setting his equipment up, he took a seat between Jack and I on the couch, leaving Tom and Ryan to take a seat on either side of the arms of the couch. "I can't believe I'm actually here interviewing these guys" he exaggerated, looking around at all of us. "This has been one of my biggest dreams since I found you guys online!" he exclaimed with another smile.

"I'm Bryan Stars..." he introduced himself finally as he shook our hands, instantly making me feel entirely comfortable with this interview. I could tell from the second I looked at him that he was one of the nicest people you would ever come across.

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