Chapter 1

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Characters for better Understanding....

Rong is the name of Family, living in Hong Kong, who is a business family, where a man from another business family whose name is ShengSheng comes to live.

Rong YuTing and Rong YuJiang are the sons of Rong family.

The story is in ShengSheng's POV.

Chapter 1

Hong Kong, the so-called 'Pearl of the Orient', welcomes me with open arms. Just as I'm entering the Rong family mansion, I see that the Rong patriarch is already standing by the door.

"A difficult journey eh, ShengSheng." the master of the house greets me.

"Uncle Rong." I politely answered him with a familiar kiss.

I don't know if this old man would mind my Western-style greeting. After all, Hong Kong is a place that still steeped in tradition. Nevertheless, he smiles and accepts my kiss. Dressed in a clean-cut suit, is the ever carefree Rong YuTing, hand in pocket, lightly smiling showing his white teeth.

"We were all looking forward to your arrival."

"Sorry to disturb everyone."

I'm a little unhappy with acquaintances using my familiar name. It could be that this is how people from Hong Kong express affection.

"I was only going to stay in Hong Kong for a little while. I didn't expect father would tell me come inconvenience Uncle Rong."

"Your father and me are old friends. Please don't be reserved and treat this place as your own home. "

Uncle Rong was all smiles. I exchanged a few more pleasantries with the two of them before noticing a silent onlooker in the background.

"Oh, YuJiang, you too come over and meet ShengSheng"

Uncle Rong brings the taciturn person before me.

"ShengSheng, you are already familiar with YuTing but I don't think you know my eldest son, YuJiang."

"Welcome to Hong Kong."

He extends his broad palm. Examining this bashful man, I suddenly feel like smiling.

"How are you? Looks like I will be inconveniencing you."

I intentionally squeezed his hand. Aware of my intention, he only replies with a polite smile. Looks like this eldest Rong son has a halo on his head. However, lacking the perceptive and resourceful qualities of his younger brother, YuJiang is most probably at a disadvantage when it comes to succeeding the company.

"Young master Huang, I have already placed your luggage in the your room."

The maid who helped me with my luggage politely informed me.

"Thank you."

I released Rong YuJiang's hand and turned around to Uncle Rong saying: "I would like to first take a bath. The long distance flight was very tiring."

Uncle Rong replied: "Take your time and properly rest a little. We will wait you to join us at dinner. I specially instructed the kitchen to prepare French cuisine as I was not sure if you would be used to Chinese dishes."

I returned a grateful smile while preparing to go upstairs.

Rong YuTing quickly came over: "I'll bring you to the guest room. Follow me." Worthy to be called the polished second son. Ready to take this opportunity to make a favorable impression on the son of an important director. I follow him upstairs. At the corner, I turned my head and caught sight of Rong YuJiang that was still standing in the living room. Coincidentally, Rong YuJiang also just raised his head to look at me. Seemingly following my movement upstairs. Meeting my gaze, he smiled lightly and nodded. I responded in kind and followed Rong YuTing's prompting into the room.

After a comfortable bath, I was almost too lazy to move. Can't help resenting father turning my relaxing vacation into something like this. Asking an old friend to keep an eye on me. On the surface, the convenience of provided meals and accommodation. In reality it is to keep me from my mischief. On top that, looking for an opportunity to forge connections with the new Rong generation. Crafty old man. When does he ever stop thinking about his business dealings. No use in complaining, the host family is waiting for me to join them at dinner. I graciously changed my clothes and headed downstairs.

"Sorry for taking my time in the bath."

The three Rong family members were already seated in the spacious dining room. A few dishes have already been served.

"Not to worry. You arrived at just the right time."

Smilingly Rong YuTing said: "Looks practically alike." This person always effortlessly gives off an approachable vibe. I flipped my freshly coiffed hair, realizing that Rong YuTing and myself were dressed in matching white colored casual clothes. He constantly glanced over at me from behind gold wire framed glasses. Compared to him, Rong YuJiang appeared excessively introverted. Dressed in a conventional black suit with matching black framed glasses. Black framed glasses that are seldom seen in today's fashion. Rong YuJiang's attire gives off an even more docile feel.

"Elder brother Rong's are very unique."

"Eh?" Seemingly not expecting me to speak to him. He looked up at me stunned.

"Oh? I'm used to this set of glasses. I've worn them for many years."

"Seems sentimental. This type of people attach importance to emotions."

I smiled at Uncle Rong.

Uncle Rong said: "ShengSheng, YuJiang is quite reserved. Please don't take offence."

"How could I? One look and I can tell that we would get along very well."

Someone at the side lightly coughed. I turned around and caught sight of Rong YuTing's uneasy expression. Rong YuTing brought a piece of steak to mouth, chewed and swallowed before asking me: "ShengSheng, where do you plan to have fun? I'm the best guide there is in Hong Kong."

"Won't I get in the way of your work?"

"As the host, I must of course act like one."

I refused to accede, leaving an indifferent smile on my face. The reason why these two sons are so eager to accommodate me, apart from my father's share in Rong's company stock, is also because I also have a powerful adoptive father. Before I came, mom already told me that the competition for succession in the Rong family had already reached the white-hot stage. Looks like Rong YuTing is already going all out to best his older brother. On the other hand, the pitiful Rong YuJiang calmly lowers his head and slices his steak oblivious to the impending crisis. He has essentially no vigilance, or maybe he is well aware that he is no match for his brother and resigned to the outcome. Why don't I comply with my fathers wishes for my visit here with the Rong family. If not only for my own personal excitement, looking on dispassionately is quite stimulating and amusing. Furtive look at YuTing's plate revealed that he had cut his steak to little pieces, quite like what I myself had done. He caught my looking and cracked a joke at the apparent similarity of our ways. I told myself that he one that is good at using calculated actions to seek affection.

"Rong 2nd brother..."

"ShengSheng, just call me YuTing."

"YuTing, you're such a busy person. I think it would be better to ask Rong elder brother to accompany me wander around." Once again, Rong YuJiang raised his head, stunned.

Turned his head towards Uncle Rong: "Pa, my Sha Tou Kok land development plan is not yet..."

"Alright, I won't bother Rong elder brother." I opened my mouth, not waiting for him to finish speaking after realizing his unwillingness. I HuangSheng am not used to being refused. Rong YuTing smiles on the side. I wonder if he always shows such an expression when his older brother carelessly offends someone. After dinner, I looked to my left and right. Looked like I learned a little something at dinner.


While sleeping in the room, I suddenly felt thirsty in the middle of the night. I got up and headed downstairs myself to look for the kitchen. After all, as a newly arrived guest, I did not want to put on airs and summon the maid to deliver water upstairs. The design of wealthy mansions are in fact, all about the same. Less than a minute, and I found the kitchen. Sauntering over, I discovered that the light was on. Don't tell me that the calculative Rong YuTing actually foresaw that I would be thirsty and is patiently waiting for me. My own merits I am well aware of. Relying on my considerable good looks and family pedigree, I am more than used dealing with influential people. Flirting among men. Often a dance will wind up dancing to bed. As a born businessman, each romp in bed carries the flavor or a business transaction. My old man never really had an issue with my irreputable deeds mostly because of this _____ my liaisons have served him well in certain difficult situations. Looking at Rong YuTing today, I'm already well aware that he has every intention of playing with me. Not only will he be able to show me off, he would make use of my varied influential connections to his benefit. Hmph! He has severely miscalculated! Snickering, I entered the kitchen. I immediately froze. Surprisingly the one seated next to the little table is none other than Rong YuJiang. Changed from a suit to pajamas, black framed glasses nowhere to be seen. Slowly drinking mouthful after mouthful from the beer bottle in his hand. Silently looking at his back, I found his silent drinking manner extremely sexy. I like thick broad backs. Honestly speaking, Rong YuJiang's appearance is not even a little inferior to Rong YuTing. It's just that there is always something concealing his brilliance.

"Secretly drinking in the middle of the night, aren't you afraid that Uncle Rong will catch you?"

Jumping up in surprise, he turned around to look at me. Smiling embarrassedly: "Looks like it's you." I could make out his attempt to conceal the worry between his eyebrows. Naturally, the inability to strike back at his younger brother in this power struggle, how can he not worry.

"I was a little thirsty. That's why I'm bold enough to commit a petty theft, coming to the kitchen to steal a little drink of water."

"I'm sorry. It's our oversight. We forgot to tell you that there is a fridge hidden in your bedside nightstand. Ai, that is of my design, resulting in guests always unable to find the fridge." He guiltily apologized sincerely. All of a sudden, I find him very interesting. I snatched away his beer with a flick of my hand. I looked straight into his eyes and pressed my lips on his. He widened his eyes, seemingly a little at a loss, causing me to giggle happily. Turning on my seductive eyes, I said: "Really not willing to take me sightseeing, have some fun?"

How many financial notables have succumbed to my seduction? How could Rong YuJiang resist?

"I...." He even started to breathe unevenly: "Tomorrow I have to...."

"Who said anything about tomorrow? Are we not allowed to open the Rong mansion gate at night?" I reached over and grabbed his hand. His jerky reaction suggests that he is not used to a man's seduction.

"Dressed like this?"

"Don't tell me Hong Kong forbids wearing pajamas in the streets." I dragged him out to the garage and forced him into his sportscar. Picked a random point on the GPS and asked Rong YuJiang to bring me there to have some fun. It was a well-made car. Smooth and steady yet fast. I opened the car window and let the wind rush in.

Rong YuJiang while driving had no choice but to look at me: "The A/C is running out." I turned around and smiled sweetly at him. He immediately blushed up to his ears and turned back to look ahead. Not knowing the reason, I suddenly feel the urge to seduce. This naive fella has yet to taste a man's seduction. I casually unbuttoned my pajama top, allowing the wind to strike at my chest. Screeching brakes as we almost collided into a tree by the roadside.

"" The driver looked at me while breathing unevenly.

"Don't tell me exposing one's chest in the car is forbidden under Hong Kong law?" I raised my brow. He looked at me for a long time.

Calmed down, and regaining his former gentle manner: "Put them back on ok, you'll get the chills." I really dislike people that resist my charm. I suddenly pulled him up by his collar.

"YuJiang, have you tried it with a man?" I asked breathily into his ear. Truly entertaining. The younger brother wants to seduce me while I fail to entice the older brother.

He struggled not to get up and wrinkled his brow: "I'm not gay."

"Ha! You think I am? It's the trend of the world these days. Playful trysts in high society, who wouldn't have a go?" I've always hated prudes. More than willing to mess them up. However, this naive person's expression is really amusing. I couldn't help myself from provoking him.

"Kiss me." I ordered him.


"Then why did you agree to accompany me so late in the night? What more in pajamas."

"Don't be unreasonable." He furrowed his thick black brows looking at my lips that I had delivered to his doorstep. Was he getting a headache from my provocative behavior or was it his sensible nature wrestling with his impulsive side? I leisurely watched him. More often than not, it is the most proper, most traditional, most obedient, most introverted people that succumb to such taboo matters. Rong YuJiang being one of them. Such a night, with such a good atmosphere, dressed like this, and above all with me confidently oozing with sex appeal. How can Rong YuJiang not fall into this trap? Sure enough, he submits and lightly kissed me. I smiled. Once again I've ruined something. I have lured this perfectly behaved young master Rong into a seductive abyss. My old man would surely benefit from this. Rong YuJiang's kiss was very tender. Although not extremely skilled, it was very pleasant. A very sincere feeling.

Hearing me giggle, he asked: "Why are you laughing?" One kiss later and his voice was unexpectedly full of tenderness. His deep voice leaving me a little drunk. Not all like those who could jump into bed one night and act like nothing happened the day after.

"Do you like me?" I asked with my head held high.

He looked at me and earnestly replied: "I do."

I sneered: "Just for how long have you known me? One minute and you've already fallen for me?"

"Just one second." He said: "I took one look at you when you entered the Rong house and I couldn't stop staring at you. Except that I was a little embarrassed."

I snorted. I really didn't expect that this rigid person could suddenly spout sweet nothings. At the pitch-black roadside, I simply took off my pajamas.

"Touch me."

He asked: "Touch where?" His heart was thumping, his throat dry.

"Right here." I grabbed his hand and put in on my groin. He hastily withdrew his hand as if he had been bitten by snake. I laughed.

"Kiss me." He obediently leaned over carefully towards my lips.

"Do you really like me?"


"How much?"

"I don't know." I like the feel of my naked body on his. Rong YuJiang is very sturdy. I reached into his pajamas and stroked his back muscles.

"Do you like me touching you like this?"

"I do." He responded like a schoolboy. Must answer when asked. Clear and simple, incapable of deception.

**Sorry, I have no idea what these sentences mean.**

"YuJiang, call my name."


"Keep calling."

"ShengSheng, ShengSheng, ShengSheng........."

I smile as if I'm Yang GuiFei's descendent in the night. Silently return to Rong mansion. The next day, the Rong father and sons were already in the middle of breakfast when I came downstairs.

"Good morning, Uncle Rong, YuJiang, YuTing." There is a bowl of plain white congee in front of Uncle Rong. He said:

"Good morning ShengSheng. I wanted to ask the maid to call you downstairs for breakfast but YuJiang said that we should let you sleep-in after your long distance flight. That's why we didn't wake you." I shot a quick look at YuJiang and caught sight of him overcautiously lowering his head to look at his own breakfast. I couldn't help but smile, curling up my lips to say:

"YuJiang is very attentive. Thanks to you, I managed to get a good sleep." Rong YuTing interjected:

"That's right, big brother is attentive. ShengSheng, what are your plans today? I will act as your appointed driver."

"There's no need for that. Papa said that since I'm here in Hong Kong, I should play less and learn from Uncle Rong. I think it would be better for me to follow all of you to Rong enterprise to observe." I smiled as I lowered my head to hide my look of despise from Rong YuTing. It's much too late, Rong YuTing. This time you can't compare with the swift-footedness of your elder brother. I furtively looked at the warm and gentle Rong YuJiang. My heart suddenly filled with sweetness. Incomparably alluring, a feeling I have not experienced before this. That's right, the swift-footed one is actually me. I secretly laughted. After breakfast we all headed for the office. I declared in front of everyone that I wanted to sit in YuJiang's car.

"I really like this car model. Comfortable and reliable." Rong YuTing who all along wanted to drive me had an unsightly look on his face but forced a smile and opened Rong YuJiang's car door for me. Sitting in the driver's seat, Rong YuJiang didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"What is it? Are you afraid that I leaked out my intentions?" I asked.

"I didn't expect you to be so bold. Aren't you afraid that they would start to wildly speculate?" Sure enough, this well-behaved son behavior is back one night later. I groaned:

"The more evasive you are, the more people will suspect. These tactics you should learn a little."

"Yes,yes, I don't understand." The man laughs lightheartedly while driving, looking at me with eyes full of tenderness. I suddenly feel happy sitting like this by his side. I realized to my dismay and said to Rong YuJiang:

"You know what? You are inherently very seductive."


"That's because one look from you, and my heart leaps." These words were half truths but he seemed to take them at face value. Happily glanced at me with his handsome face suddenly bright red. My heart leaped and I blushed. I couldn't help but imagine how it would be when he and I made love. This simpleton. Last night was such a good opportunity but he actually grit his teeth and restrained himself from touching me. I know there is an intense struggle in his heart. I feel a little moved with how he regards me with respect ----- but this respect is not at all what I wish for. Two men dressed in pajamas with unresolved feelings returned to their respective rooms. On top of that the passionate kisses. The end result was me tossing and turning in frustration the whole night. Raining curses on the lovable but conservative Rong YuJiang. This really is the first time I've come across a man with such integrity.

Upon reaching the company, we grandiosely entered the office. Simple furnishings, desktop piled high with files. One glance and I'm already well aware of how Rong YuTing throws all the toilsome work at his elder brother. I walked up to the files. Carefully divided files with neatly written instructions. This person is actually not stupid, with a conscientious work ethic.

"Papa's office is up one floor. YuTing's office is next door." YuJiang closed the door and smiled at me.

"Did you tell me that to warn me not to be brazen in the office?" I narrowed my eyes at him. YuJiang smiled shyly and came over to stand at my side. I know he wants to sidle up to me but lacked the courage to be suave. I sighed and guided his hand to encircle my waist. That hand immediately tightened around my waist seemingly unwilling to ever let go.

"Does YuTing always take advantage of you?" I sneered.

"This type of younger brother will sooner or later swallow you up." His refined and polished face showed no signs of change as he lowered his head towards my neck and breathed:

"Don't speak of YuTing this way. This is unavoidable when you're born into a rich and powerful family." I suddenly remember the story of the Buddhist monk who felt pity for the hungry wolf that was about to eat him. Simpleton...... Scary to think how I have such a favorable impression of a simpleton. I stayed in YuJiang's office the whole day, looking at him busily working. His secretary and him just like him, born under an ill star. Carrying files back and forth like a spinning top. There was no activity on Rong YuTing's side. Definitely not hard at work like YuJiang.

"Papa has called for us for a little meeting. You coming?" Although I most have attending meetings, I find myself nodding my head as I was too used to having him in my sights.

"Of course I will go. I'm also considered a future shareholder." I pulled his hand and left the office and ran into YuTing that was also coming out from his office. Rong YuTing's face changed slightly when he spotted our joined hands. This fellow who is probably used to be better at everything than his elder brother if probably furious at his failure in tempting me into his own hands. We entered Uncle Rong's presidential office together. Uncle Rong came straight to the point.

"Have you all seen this round of urban construction tender recruitment from the government?"

"I have already seen it. I just had a meeting with the subordinate engineer." Rong YuTing vied to be the first talk. I looked at YuJiang. He was just on the phone confirming all the details and should have a good hold on this subject. Who would expect him to say:

"It would be good to have YuTing handle this matter. He is very experienced with urban construction." This project is a big undertaking. Why is he unwilling to vie for this in front of Uncle Rong? I furtively pinched him. No wonder you are always getting bullied! YuJiang silently suffered my pinch. I turned around to see Rong YuTing's arrogant manner and at once felt my hate for him increase. Coming down from the short meeting, our ears were full of Rong YuTing's boastful description of his own plan. I rolled my eyes a few times and finally calmed down. Once inside YuJiang's office, I asked him to his face:

"Why did you not open your mouth? Aren't you also capable of handling this?" His desktop was full of meticulous official documents. All showing his obvious capability. He said:

"You don't understand."

"Fine, you tell me. What is it that I don't understand." He simply said:

"I am adopted. I am not papa's own son. Only YuTing is." I was stupefied. Rich and powerful families undoubtedly will have a great deal of secrets. Among them there will be a lot of bits and pieces that are hidden deeply. Yet he calmly revealed this secret to me who he has just met for one or two days. Made me a little unsettled.

"Even YuTing doesn't know this." YuJiang gave a wry smile. "He wholeheartedly takes me as an adversary not knowing that I can't contend with him."

"Then why did you tell me this?" He smiled:

"I don't want you to be resentful because of me." Of course I am resentful because of him. All the work in the company is done by him , but the glory is all for Rong YuTing. In this manner, this Rong family eldest soon would probably not inherit a single cent of the Rong family fortune in the future. Looking at him seemingly like an oppressed willing-ox, I fell even more resentful.

"Why not challenge?" I bit my lip: "The adopted son also has the right of inheritance." He paused slightly and gave me a disapproving look. Such blind devotion, since ancient times have also met with the same sad end. With me at his side, of course it won't end in such a pitiful condition. I secretly clenched my fist and regarded myself as a hero to help those who were oppressed. Looks like the psychological tests I have taken were right. I really am the impulsive type. But why should I not be impulsive for the sake of this lovable yet meek YuJiang. Maybe this plan will also be beneficial to my family. Can't say I'm snobbish. It's just that in my position, I can't but consider such things. Since it's settled, I will start my plan of playing the redeeming hero ------ Rong YuJiang's redeeming hero. Of course I have to first enlist some support. That very evening, I called my dad.

"Pa, what do you think of the Rong family internal power struggle?"

"What power struggle? Rong YuTing is already the clear winner."

"Not necessarily. I want to help Rong YuJiang."

"Oh? Why?" This old man can only be persuaded by profit. I said:

"Rong YuTing is devious. Rong YuJiang is honest and considerate. You as a shareholder should look for a president with a good character. Furthermore, it would be easy to control an honest and straightforward person.

"Rong family is such an old and illustrious family. You think you can influence it?"

"Just sit back and watch. However, when I need the shareholder influence, Pa, you have to help me." Pa did not utter a sound on the phone but I know he is already persuaded. Perhaps he has already shua shua shua written down the takeover Rong enterprise master plan in his hand. After chatting on the phone, I lied down on my back on the bed. Momentary overcome with lofty ambitions. Kick open the firmly grasped in Rong YuTing's Rong enterprise and let the adopted Rong YuJiang take over. Can't explain why I truly want to help Rong YuJiang. Don't tell me I have already fallen in love with this person. I shake my head. This can't be, all my life I have never fallen in love with someone so quickly. My loins start to warm up as I remember the sweet moment when YuJiang hugged me in the office this morning. Let's just say it is for the sake of the Huang family. After all we already have a significant investment in this Rong enterprise. After all, it would be better to have Rong YuJiang at the helm, than to have to deal with Rong YuTing in the future. Finding an excuse for myself, I finally feel at ease and fell asleep.

Half dreaming and half awake, I suddenly sense movement before my eyes. I woke up with a start. One look and unexpectedly it is YuJiang sitting at my bedside. I feel a little pleasantly surprised.

"It's you." I pat my frightened out of my mouth heart. He said:

"It's me." He lowered his head and lightly smiled: "I can't sleep, thinking you might be once again looking for water to drink, so I've come to check on you."

"But my room door is locked. You broke into my room in the middle of the night to check if I might be thirsty?" He said embarrassingly:

"I have the key." I suddenly feel that he is actually quite smooth. Prone to tempt people and start trouble. With ten thousand types of amorous feelings towards him I laugh:

"Looks like you had prepared the key a long time ago. At any time can request illicit sex with Rong family's guests." I boldly lift one of legs and put it on his shoulder and watched his flustered manner. The look in YuJiang's eyes were dying to eat me up into his belly but his manners remained as proper as always. He took my leg and gently placed it back on the bed. He pulled the coverlet over me:

"Be careful not to get chilled. The A/C in Rong house is especially strong."

"I'm not cold." I purposely revealed my delicate fair ankle and waved it under his eyes. He couldn't help but shake his head and caught my ankle and stuffed it under the coverlet. "YuJiang, do you truly like me?" Seems like I have already asked this question before. But there's no harm in asking once again.

"I do. Truly." I discovered that I have fallen in love with his voice.

"I want to work together with you."

"OK. With your status, you can absolutely participate in the executive council."

"I want you to accompany me everywhere wander about."

"Wait until I've finished the work at hand, and I will properly accompany you." After chatting for almost half and hour, I yawned and narrowed my eyes. YuJiang stood up and gently kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes, too lazy to keep them open. I grasped his pajama front firmly and brought his mouth towards my lips. I brought YuJiang's breathy kiss into the insides of my mouth. Tender and leisurely like thin rivulets flowing freely over moss covered rocks.

"Go to sleep." He whispered in a low voice in my ear. I entered into a deep deep sleep.


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