3. Whipped!

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▪️Sentences in Italics are mostly Gauri's internal monologues and some Hindi words highlighted.



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Her Papa, Cricket, Anger and Anxiety - Gauri Trivedi will be incomplete with anything among these.

In short, when someone sees, she was a well spoilt brat with some good qualities!

And sometimes she freak out for a small reason!

"Ri!" Harshvardhan Trivedi spoke through the phone lovingly.

"Sorry Papa! I woke up late today." Gauri was on her way back from practice. 'A bit tiresome day; but better than last day!' She thought.

"Bhavu told me. And I was also a bit busy today. That's why I couldn't speak much when you called." He said smiling, sipping his evening coffee. "You're happy, aren't you?"

'That slurp!! That bitter black coffee! Why can't you just swap to my awesome addictive biscuit Chai, Papa?'

Another trait of Gauri Vardhan Trivedi - self talking.

She loves being childish as she had been too matured in childhood being younger to a bookworm brother and cousin who had been enthralled by the dream of being a police officer.

"Haan Papa! But---"

"You were nervous! You couldn't perform well, gather runs. Hmm?"

"Hmm." She just hummed in response to him.

"Ri... It was your first match. I will agree that comparatively, your performance was low but it happens, beta. We can't be the same in all matches. Just attack in the next one!" His words as usual contained encouragement.

Gauri's critic was her father, who gave reviews in a blunt way; which made her feel terrible at a moment and soothing at the next. He loved her to the moon and back so did she!

"Only if there's another!" Gauri sighed. "The players will be fine by next match. I was just a temporary replacement for them."

And Gauri Trivedi's Sankarji seems to be quite busy now. Sunta kaha hai meri baat!

"Gauri, don't cling onto that 3 years thing. I'll handle your Daadi. By supporting her at that moment, I just wanted to ensure that it becomes a push in your life so that you don't waste your time. You have reached close to where you wanted to reach. It's now that you should show your fierceness and stubbornness." Harsh calm voice revebrated in the car and---

And I should dream about Daadi's anger being doused by my softie-at-home Papa! Yeah, maybe even, the sun will rise from the North & the devilishly handsome Jhatadhari will shorten his amazingly shining mane! But my Dadi; nah! - Gauri snapped out of her thoughts, hearing horn from behind.

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