Chapter 1 ; The begining

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It was clear what needed to be done. The orders were simple and hard to stray from.
Kill them.
Kill them all.

The city was busy, New York always was day or night. For Elijah, her life was anything but quiet. Each night her dreams were filled with her own screams, her own cries for help and her own desperation.

By now she was the age of 20 and had been locked up like a lab rat for ten years. Ten years.

Ten years of hell.

The day she finally escaped was a day that was hazy to her, she knew that she had killed all of those who had carried out the experiments and all those that had harmed her, but there was still the matter of the envelope that was left with her name.

She sat in a coffee shop late at night, turning the unopened envelope in her hands. All she had to do was open it now and see what was inside.

Slowly she teared open the paper and a slip of paper was inside with the words;

Kill. Tony Stark.

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