Short Stories and Poems

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I walked into the coffee shop slowly, my bones feeling weary.

I smoothed out my wrinkly old dress and sat down in a booth.

Coffee would be great right now.

I look out into the loud, booming colorful city that was a stark contrast to the quant coffee shop.

Suddenly I remembered a time much better than this.

Days spent joyfully in a bright, lively city with too much to offer.

It was suppossed to be different.

Things were suppossed to be different.

I should have been married by now, with at least two kids.

I had floundered my way from one boyfriend to the next when I thought I had finally found the one.

I had almost made it.

I was the happiest I had ever been with him.

Then life decided to intervene-

To destroy my hopeful fantasy.

All I asked for, all I ever wanted, was what every girl desereved.

For someone to love them enough to marry them.

I thought I had found that someone.

But he found somebody else.

He just deserted me.

At least I learnt something from that situation.

Real, true, everlasting love is a hard thing to find...

And an even harder thing to hold on to.

I took a sip of the steaming hot coffee that the waiter put on my table and sighed.

Life really was a constant test...

That I was a constant failure at.

Maybe things will go better for me in my past life.

If I even have one.

I frowned at the coffee and rested the palm of my hands on the cool, smooth surface of the desk.

How could life be so tragic?

What happened to my happy ending?

This is just a compilation of short stories and poems, as it rightly says in the title xD

Hope u guys liked this one :)

Updates will not be frequent,

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