Chapter 17

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        I didn't know what was going to happen with Luke and I. We didn't want to lose each other but I could tell we were becoming exhausted. I loved Luke, with an undying passion. But part of me wanted to move on.

        I couldn't wait until I was done with school and I could just write. I wanted it so badly. Luke would ending tour soon, in about a week. He's going home for a day or two to see his family, then flying here. I felt selfish for him not being able to see his family. If I had gone to a college in California, we wouldn't have a problem. 

        I wanted to move on, I suppose. Not from him, but from this. I loved Luke and would always put him first. But if being together is sophocating, why are doing it? 

        I heard a knock on the door and got up to answer it. I opened the door and a wide smile grew on my face. "Luke!" I jumped up and wrapped myself around him. "I missed you so much," he said into my hair. "I love you," I told him. "I love you too." 

        He put me down and we walked inside. "I thought your tour didn't end for another week or so?" I said. "The last few shows got cancelled so I flew right here," he smiled. 


        Luke had been home for a little more than two days now. And I loved every second of it. We were laying in bed, it was probably 11 o'clock and neither of us wanted to get up yet. My head was buried in his chest and his chin was laying on my head. 

        "So, I was thinking," Luke started. I shifted my head so I was looking up at him. "The band... I was thinking about quitting the band." "But you love it, I don't understand," I said. "It's not what I thought it would be. I'm not happy. Yeah, I'm with my best friends, but I don't get to see you, I don't get to go out in public. I don't get to get on any social media without seeing hate. It's just not what everyone thinks it is. I'm just not happy with it," he said. "I'm not going to tell you that you should quite, but I'm not going to tell you to stay there if you're not happy. Just think about it. Really think about it," I told him. "But I have, and I want to be with you. I don't want to go to another country everyday, I want to be in the same house and waking up to to you everyday." 

        I didn't know what he would do honestly. He looked so happy, but the a smile can hide a lot of thing can't it? I don't want him to be somewhere he's not happy, but at first, being with the band made him happy. But people change. I just wanted him to be happy, whether that was away from me or right next to me. I just wanted him to be happy. 

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