Prophecy coming true..

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Previous conversations from multiple people the last few months start re-playing in my mind....
I had been talking with Percy and Annabeth over possible suspects as to who stole Cupids golden bow. While joking, I said we didn't have to worry about Luke Castellan taking it...
I was implying because he was dead.
But he's not....He's been alive and well this entire time.

A sick realization hits me as I recall a line in the prophecy Rachel gave me.
~The one you know more than friend will betray~

That part of the prophecy is about Luke! He's been pretending to be someone else all this time....He hasn't been just my friend...He's been my boyfriend.
I gasp again loudly, seeming to surprise Hermes.

"He's the one who betrays.." I whisper, the ugly truth finally smacking me in the face. The golden bow is the perfect weapon to destroy Olympus. It can make ANYONE God or human love or hate another...
And the person who has the bow, is the guy who caused the second titan war. Because he's not actualy dead...

I begin to walk away before Hermes suddenly appears in front of me.

"You can't leave." Hermes whispers, his blue eyes shining with pain.

What the styx...
"I...I don't understand." I mumble as Hermes approaches me.
Back stepping I feel is best.... He continues approaching me, enough so that I'm not getting a good vibe that being close to him would be considered a good idea.

"You figured out he's not who he says he is." Hermes says matter of factly.  "You can see through his mist.." He says sadly, cupping his face into his hands.

Suspicion runs through me.
"Wait....How did you know I can see him?? I've been able to see him for months...Why are you just now..."

"Luke prayed to me a little while ago, and explained the situation.....The only way you could see him is if you were Persephone's daughter..."

"Wait...What??!" I gasp loudly.

Hermes nods.
"Only children born from someone out of the underworld can see through Hades mist."

My stomach drops as I process this.
But it's not hearing that Persephone is my mom that throws me....It's Hermes saying that children can see through it...
"Nico's been able to see Luke all this time." I quietly state, feeling my jaw drop.
It's so obvious now...Why Nico kept warning me to stay away from him without actually giving me a reason as to why I should.
The suspicious glances...The angry glares...Nico knew Luke was alive.

Hermes nods.
"Hades made it clear he was not to reveal Luke's identity to anyone...Not if he wanted to keep up our bargain."

I'm partially tempted to ask what bargain he was referring to, but it doesn't matter. There's too many more important things running through my head.

 "I understand that you're friends with Percy Jackson." Hermes exclaims.

"Er....Yeah?" I admit, not quite knowing what that has to do with anything.

Hermes grimaces. "To say Poseidon doesn't want Luke among the land of the living...Is putting it simply."
He suddenly looks afraid.
 "You'll tell....You're friends with Percy Jackson...You'll tell him, he'll tell his father....And then it's all over....Everything I went through to ensure his safety will be for nothing... Someone will  hunt him down, and kill him...Probably slowly and painfully." He whispers, staring stone-faced out at the horizon.

A sick pain fills my heart at the thought of someone hurting him. I can't just turn off my feelings...Yes he's Luke Castellan....But he's also the guy I've gotten to know all these months...I care about him...
Tears start to fall as I think about him. Luke or no Luke..I need to see him...I need to just be around him....

Hermes approaches me some more, where I continue back-stepping until I can no longer. I'm not sure why I'm feeling so afraid, I don't believe Hermes has ever really been pegged as one of the violent Gods....But as I watch him continue approaching me, there's a look in his eyes that has me frightened.
It's  a combination of determination, and fear.

Glancing slightly behind me, I'm now practically on the edge of the cliff. I had been so preoccupied with backing up, I hadn't even realized I was right next to the edge...
Hermes starts breathing heavily, a scared and fleeting look in his now watery eyes.
"Luke can't afford for everyone to know who he is..." He says quietly, not breaking his gaze on me. "One of the Olympians who voted against him will kill him, or they'll have someone do the job for them."

Hermes looks so afraid, only one question pops into my mind.
"Luke sent you after me." I state numbly.

He nods his head slowly. "He told me to find you so you couldn't reveal his secret."
Fear is overwhelming me as Hermes looks as though he's about to cry. I've never seen a God get so emotional before, the sight is causing me to panic. Why the styx does he look so freaked?

"I'm so sorry."  Hermes whispers, as he roughly pushes me backwards off the cliff.

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