The Marriage Proposal

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Author's note: This is one of my favourite songs. This song is available in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kanada. I added Tamil version above.
Would have picked up few words from the song and set a subtitle for the one shot.

Only one request, if you decided to read the story then read fully, don't leave it halfway. Many times you might feel 'this is cheating!', 'this is dominating', 'this is cowardness' but let me tell you, wait till end. Just trust me on this.
I hope things would be better at the end.

Do comment your views.

Pularaa Kadhal (Unawakened love)

"Chandru!!! You know what! my manager is saying that I will be getting onsite offer," Yazhini told Chandru excitedly.

Chandru entwined their hands and kissed her fingers.

"Just 4 months here then I will be traveling with you." She grinned.

Suddenly she heard her phone ringing and saw that it was from her manager.

"Break time is over, that's why she is calling I guess. Will meet you at my place this weekend. Okay?" She asked to which he smiled and nodded his head.

Bidding him bye she left the cafe.

When he was about to leave the place he saw a couple sitting next table to him. He felt that he has seen the girl somewhere but he couldn't pinpoint and tell where he met her.

When the girl stood up and left, he saw the guy who was sitting opposite to her.

He walked up to him and called, "Ezhil?"

"Machan! (Dude) how come you are here?" Ezhil masked his sad face with fake smile.

"Came with Yazh. By the way, who is she?" When Chandru asked about her, his face became dull.

"Sindhu. You know, our college junior. Sadhana ma'am daughter."

When Chandru frowned, "Which Sadhana ma'am?"

"M3, M4 lecturer!!!"

"Oh wait now I remember, Sindhu! Your crush in college?" He raised his eyebrow at him.

He knows that Ezhil was madly in love with a girl but didn't ask further details back then as he didn't propose her.

"I proposed her. But she rejected it saying she doesn't believe in love marriage. She said she will choose a person whom her mother selects only."

"A girl like her in this century!" He asked shockingly.

Ezhilan shrugged and continued, "She has only mother. Her father left her mother when she was a child. So, for her, her mother is everything. So number one she doesn't have trust in men and marriage. If at all she gets married it will be by arranged marriage only seems!"

"So what are you going to do?" Chandru asked.

Ezhil shrugged. "One can't force to love you right? Let's hope for the best!"

Suddenly Chandru remembered where he saw her. He unlocked his cellphone and opened the app.

He smirked at the profile picture where she was standing along with her mother.

Ezhil asked Chandru, "What is with that look?"

Chandru frowned at his comment.

"I know that look. Tell me what is cookig up in your pea sized brain." Chandru glared at him.

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