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You have a childish argument with your parent(s) and/or sibling(s)
Age: 3 & 1/2
Naruto & Hinata

"But I already started cooking."

You and your mom were currently arguing about dinner. She was making a meal that you don't like so much, you were adamant about making her change the menu.

"Make someting diffwent." You demand crossing your arms. Hinata raises her eyebrow not liking your attitude.

"I'm not making anything different."






"Y/n Uzumaki! Watch your tone with me! You're going to shut up and eat whatever I make!" Hinata exclaims while unconsciously activating her Byakugan at you. You shudder slightly but keep up your tough facade.

You huff at her before stomping off to the living room.

"Stupid mommy."

Sasuke & Sakura
"Get one." Sasuke tells making you clutch the plushies harder.

"No I want all tis." You grumble as you struggle to hold the four medium sized plushies in your arms. A bunny plush, a Kurama, a turtle and a kitty.

"You can get one. I'm not buying all four." He says making you pout.

"I want tem all." You whine as you lean against his legs.





Sasuke groans knowing you weren't going to give this up. Plus you were starting to bring unwanted attention to the two of you.


"Tank you papa."

Shikamaru & Temari
"Put dat one on!"

Your family was having a movie night and it was a three against one arguement about what movie to watch.

"Everyone but you wants to watch this one." Shikadai says glare at you from on side your mom. You glare back at him from on side your dad.

"I no care. We watch dis one." You declare while grabbing the remote from your dad only to have it snatch back by your mom.

"No Y/n, majority rules." Temari says crossing her arms. You glare at her before crossing your arms as well.

"I no no what dat mean but it no matter." You say as you hop off the couch and walk up to the TV to turn it off. You sit in front of the TV and cross your arms again, making your family sweat drop.

"Fine we can watch the damn movie."

Sai & Ino
"Stop picking the flowers Y/n!"

You ignore your mom as you pluck another flower and add it to the small bouquet in your hand.

"Stop!" Ino exclaims again as she smacks your hand away from the flower bed.

"You stop." You say glaring up at her. You need these flowers for something special.

Ino snatches the flowers out your hand and pulls you away.

"No! I need dat!" You yell as you reach up to try and grab them back.

"If you wanted flowers we could of just got some from the shop! Now you've ruined my garden!"

"So what! I need dem now!"

Ino groans out in frustration before pulling you into the house and putting you in time out.

Choji & Kerui
"Give it!" You yell at ChoCho as she holds the bag over her head.

You two were arguing about who can get the last bbq flavored chips. It was the last good flavor chips in the pantry, the rest of the chips were plain.

"No I got it first!"

"So?! I was tinking about dem fwirst!"

Your eyes widen as she opens the bag with a smirk.

"Don't you dare." You growl at her making her smirk widen. You watch in horror as she shovels all the chips into her mouth before handing you the empty bag with a smirk before walking off.

"You dwirty witch!" You exclaim as you chase after her.

"Bwing him!" You exclaim as you push your tiny hands on your dads leg as he stands next to your bed.

"I'm not summoning Pakkun. It's bed time so there's no need for me to waste my chakra if you're going to sleep." He sighs as you glare at him.

"He can sweep wit me! I dwon't cware about your dumb chakwa! Bwing him!" You yell as your face starts to get red with anger. Kakashi sweat drops at your words.

"That's not very nice Y/n." He mumbles making you blow a raspberry at him.

"You not nice! You won't bwing him for me!" You exclaim while frantically waving your arms around. Kakashi just sighs before biting his finger, since his mask was already off.

He summons Pakkun and drops the dog in bed with you before walking toward the exit.

"Don't stay up too late." He mutters as he walks out the door of your room.

"Tank you daddy!"

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