Shelby x LePete: A Shoulder To Cry On

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Author's Note: This will be my first OC x Canon for this book.  It will be a hurt/comfort story because I live writing them so much.

This is what Shelby, my FC, looks like:

Shelby sat on the beach near the harbor and stared off into the sea one sad evening

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Shelby sat on the beach near the harbor and stared off into the sea one sad evening. It was no surprise that Shelby loved being by the ocean. It's one of the reasons she moved to Calypso Island. The ocean helps her to calm down. But something was unusual. She was usually happy and bubbly, but not today.

She had tears in her eyes. She tried to hold them in. She never allowed anyone to notice when she cried (which is rare for her to in the first place). Not even herself.

LePete, who was the only other person outside, was finishing cleaning up by the harbor when he noticed Shelby. He could see that she was holding back tears. He was not used to seeing this side of Shelby. Usually he sees the brightest smile on her face.

LePete couldn't bear to see her like this, so he took it upon himself to try to see what was up.

"Shelby...?" he inquired, looking at the sorrowful girl with concern.

"Oh. Hi, LePete..." Shelby responded quietly, only looking at him for half a second.

LePete noticed the sadness in her tone. "Are...are you okay?" LePete asked with genuine concern, walking closer to her. " You don't seem like yourself...".

"Yeah, I'm okay." Shelby lied. "I just have a lot on my mind, and sitting by the ocean helps to clear my head."

LePete knew Shelby was lying. He could see the tears she was trying to hide. He sat next to her. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

"It's really nothing. And I don't want to burden you with my problems." Shelby replied. "I'm sure you have better things to do."

"I won't judge." LePete reassured Shelby, smiling lovingly at her.

Shelby looked down as she attempted to fight back more tears, but it was becoming harder.

Shelby sighed sadly. "LePete, you know how passionate I am about aquatic life right?" Shelby began.

"Yeah, and I think it's great." LePete answered with a smile. "Sea creatures are living things too. They need people like you. People like you can make a difference for the better. I've always admired your passion for marine life. You shouldn't doubt yourself so severely."

"T-thanks LePete...that...that means a lot..." Shelby sniffled.

"You're welcome." LePete answered, caressing Shelby's cheek, making her blush.

Unfortunately the feeling didn't last for long.

Shelby's smile turned back into a frown.

"Oh, sorry..." LePete mumbled, releasing his hand from Shelby's cheek.

"No, it's not you..." Shelby sniffled.

"Then what is it?" LePete asked. "Please tell me, so I can help you and see your beautiful smile again."

Shelby paused. ".............You promise not to judge me......?"

"Shelby, you aren't one to get worked up over something trivial. I would never judge you." LePete promised.

"Okay..." Shelby began, taking a breath. "I've told you about my regal blue tang Sapphire right?"

"Yeah." LePete answered. "Did something happen to her?" LePete asked with concern.

"She...she...died this morning..." Shelby answered as she tried to fight the sob from ripping past her throat.

"Oh, wow, Shelby...I'm really sorry to hear that..." LePete replied with as much care and sympathy as his voice would let him.

"Thanks, LePetey..." Shelby whimpered.

"Is there anything I can do...?" LePete asked.

"I appreciate the offer, LePete, but no..." Shelby sniffled, as her sorrow grew even stronger.

It broke LePete's heart, seeing Shelby like this, especially because he had no idea how to help her.

The two just spent the next five minutes staring off into the ocean.

Eventually, Shelby couldn't hold it in anymore, and she just broke down into tears.

LePete couldn't just sit there and do nothing anymore. He took Shelby into his arms, and allowed her to cry into his chest. He held her as tight as arms would let him.

Shelby clutched LePete's shirt. Tears streamed from her eyes like scalding hot waterfalls. What happened to her wouldn't have been a big deal to most people, but for Shelby, aquatic life was her passion, and LePete knew this. Shelby couldn't help but feel like she did something wrong. Not to mention, she grew really attached to Sapphire.

"That's it...Just let it out..." LePete cooed, stroking Shelby's hair.

LePete rested his head on top of Shelby's head. He rocked her back and forth as he rubbed her back with one hand, and stroked her hair with the other. "I'm here for you, Shells..." he said softly, kissing her softly on the forehead.

Shelby couldn't stop the tears. Between the guilt, the grief, and the intense moment she was sharing with LePete, the strength of her emotions were becoming unbearably strong. All she could do in this moment was cry, and let LePete be her pillow.

But at the same time, she had never felt more loved and comforted than she did right now. To be held and comforted by her special someone without him judging her. She needed this.

After a few minutes, Shelby started to calm down. LePete's shirt was wet from her tears, but he didn't seem to care. All he cared about was making sure Shelby got the love and comfort she needed.

LePete continued to hold Shelby for a few more minutes. Thanks to LePete, Shelby didn't even feel sad anymore; she was just happy to be in LePete's strong arms.

"Shelby, look at the sunset!" LePete whispered to Shelby.

Shelby faced the ocean horizon. "Whoa..." Shelby exclaimed in awe.

The sunset in front of them was the brightest and most colorful sunset they had ever seen. Shades of red, hot pink, orange, yellow, and blue were all painted into the sky above them. there were just enough clouds in the sky to enhance the sunset. The ocean glistened in the amount of sunlight that was left.

"It's the second most beautiful thing I have ever seen..." LePete sighed happily.

"Second?" Shelby inquired. "What's the first?"

LePete cupped Shelby's head in his hands and placed it against his chest. "You, sweetie..." he whispered into her ear, bringing her lips to his shortly after.

"Oh, LePetey..." Shelby squealed happily. "You are too sweet..."

"There it is...there's the beautiful smile I needed to see today..." LePete said, smiling lovingly at Shelby.

Shelby could always count on LePete to take her sadness away. Most people saw LePete as a troublesome teen, who only cares about Luau LePunch and making money, but there was so much more to him than that, LePete just tends to hide his soft soft and only shows it to people he truly cares about

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