Chapter Nineteen

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A double update because @sweetrollstealer is cool


"Is Phil here, dammit?" Dan snapped as he slapped the door to my apartment. I jumped as he stormed in.

"N-no?" I said.

He let out a sigh of what seemed like relief and frustration mixed together, then nodded.

"Hey, I have to film a video to make sure I get it edited and uploaded by Friday," I said, "So if you don't mind I was about to do that."

"I want to be in it!" He excitedly said like a child who was waiting for candy he was promised.

"Uh, yeah," I nodded, "I guess, but you have to come up with a video because the one I came up with is better for one person."

"We, could, er," he drawled. He looked around, his eyes landed on the shopping bag he had in his hand, "I know what to do! Set up your camera!"

I got my stuff together quickly and set up on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"So I'm going to either awkwardly introduce you or fangirl in front of the camera," I said getting the camera angle right.

"Fangirl, definitely," he laughed.

I nodded and started my camera.

"Oh my god," I squealed, "You're never going to believe it! CHRIS PRATT IS JOINING ME IN A VIDEO!"

"That's a lie!" Dan said.

"Shhh," I said, "Actually, I got even better than Chris Pratt. What's better than Chris Pratt, you are asking. Uh, duh, Dan Howell!" I paused and held up my finger. "Cut here, Dan come in and sit by me."

He walked into shot and sat down, pulling a face at the camera.

"Aaand," I said, "Cut."

I waited a second and then spoke again.

"Oh my god," I said, "It's Dan Howell. If you don't know who he is, you obviously haven't watched my channel very long, as I talk about him all the time."

"That's not creepy," Dan said sarcastically.

"Oh please, life of a fangirl," I rolled my eyes, "I've heard worse from other people."

"Like, bad worse," he asked, "Or-"

"Perverted," I cut him off. He looked a bit uncomfortable, "On to the video. Dan here just stormed into my apartment and demanded to be in a video with me."

"I did not," he protested.

"Yes, you did," I nodded, "But I don't feel like reenacting that. Anyways, he said he had an idea for a video and said to set up my stuff. So, Dan is going to explain what we're going to do."

"Why me?"

"Because you're the one that had the idea and you didn't tell me!"

"Okay, okay," he said, "Since you're new to England, I decided to get you candy." He paused for dramatic effect. "English candy."

"Oh no," I whispered.

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