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Izuku sat in resting room sipping on a juice pouch ignoring the killing intent shot at him from everyone there. "Lovely weather isn't it?" Izuku asked the person next to him despite not looking to his side. "Yeah it is" Hitoshi said beside him. The two sat in comfortable silence. Izuku soon pulled out a onyx black knife and passed it to Hitoshi. "A gift that celebrates our friendship" Izuku said with a smile. "Thank you" Hitoshi smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek before running off. Izuku sat there dumbfounded as the others in the resting room were confused as well. Izuku finished his juice and moved on too some cookies seemingly waiting for someone. Soon enough merlin appeared grasping the attention of everyone in the rest room. "Merlin glad you could make it!" Izuku said with a stupid grin.

Merlin walked up to Izuku and smothered him in a hug. "Areyouhurtisyourmindokaygoodjobondefeatingherhowwasyourday!" Merlin said in one breath causing the students to sweat drop. "I'm fine Merlin there's nothing to worry about" Izuku reassured her. Merlin let up and took in a deep breath happy at his words. They both soon sat down conversing on author knows what while munching on some gummy bears. Soon Izuku heard his name on the intercom and stood. "Alrighty Merlin I've got a match to attend to see you later" Izuku said running off. Merlin waved goodbye to him and disappeared.

Izuku appeared in the ring watching as Todoroki walked into it as well. "The man of many mysteries Izuku Midoriya" Midnight called as the crowd... cheered for a change. "And the icy hot queen Shota Todoroki" she introduced as the crowd cheered once again. She then explained the rules as they took a stance none moving and waiting for the other to throw the first attack. Todoroki shot ice at Izuku who full countered it back at her causing her to have to move out the way. She sent glacier after glacier of ice all of which were cut down or countered back at her. "Common can't you do anything else is that your only trick?" Izuku asked mockingly. "Bold words coming from someone who hasn't thrown a single punch" Todoroki said in arrogance. Izuku shrugged and teleported infront of her driving a fist into her stomach. She coughed out and staggered backwards.

She created ice hands which grabbed Izuku and were now chocking him. She walked up to him with a smirk. "Who's all powerful now?" She asked mockingly. Izuku waited for her to get close enough and when she did he wrapped his legs around her neck and backflipped breaking the ice in the process. Izuku was now chocking her with a blade to her neck. "IZUKU MIDORIYA WINS" Midnight called causing the crowd to go ape shit. "A real shame it is had you used your fire it would've been sorta fun it is your power not her's" Izuku said walking away. This caused Todoroki to snap and send a wave of fire at Izuku who caught it and crushed the attack which was unknowingly her strongest attack.

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