part 2- love hurts

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ugh damn it this part turned out so shitty :\ I'm a bad writer and I should feel bad >< but if you want to read it, be my guest ;3

“Mikes!!! Open the fucking door, I found him!” frank yelled furiously, knocking on the big handcrafted wooden door with one hand, and holding Gerard in the other. They heard fast footsteps heading towards the door.

The door opened, and there was standing Gerard’s little brother, bags under his eyes and his hair sticking out to every direction.
“Gee!!!” Mikey screamed. “Where the fuck have you been?! You scared the shit out of me!”
Gerard didn’t answer. He kept standing in the doorway, his face expressionless and frank holding him.
“Well, get the fuck in!” Mikey said furiously, and Frank started pushing Gerard gently towards the living room.
“Come on Gee… let’s get in…”frank pushed Gee towards the couch and sat him down.

“So what happened? Where did you go? What did you do?!” Mikey asked nervously. No answer from Gerard. 
“Mikes? Do you mind going to your room for a few minutes? I’ll try talking to him.” Frank suggested.
“Okay…” Mikey said and headed towards his room, still nervous as hell. But he was glad frank could find Gerard.

As Mikey was in his room and couldn’t hear the conversation Frank started talking to Gerard.
“Gee?” frank asked, standing in front of the expressionless Gerard. He crouched and took Gerard’s head in his hands, forcing Gerard to look at him.

“Please just tell me everything is okay… I’m worried about you… I’ll help you if you need anything, just tell me what happened.” Frank said, his voice shaking a little. Gerard looked at frank in the eyes, and that was the most painful look frank has seen on anyone in years. Frank started tearing up.

He pulled Gerard into a hug, holding him tighter than ever.
 “Gee…. You’re my best friend, I love you and I want to know what happened to you. Please tell me.”
“I’m okay.” Gerard said, getting addicted to franks soft touch. “I promise, trust me I’m okay now.” Gerard choked out.
“I know you’re not Gerard, don’t lie to me. Tell me what happened.”

Gerard thought for a second, then sighed and pulled away from the hug. He looked at franks hazel eyes.
“Well… I went to the cemetery, got drunk, screamed at rocks, laughed at gravestones and hit my head pretty damn hard on one fucking gravestone.” Gerard’s sweet voice was breaking.
“Oh Gee….” Frank said, a few tears escaping his eyes. Wow… he CRIED because of Gerard. Aaww, it’s so sweet, frank actually cared for him.
“Why Gerard, why do you do it to yourself?!” frank asked, sobbing.

"I hate everything frank… I can't... I-I-I… I think… I think that…" but Gerard couldn’t get these words out of his mouth. He couldn’t tell frank how much he wanted to die. He couldn’t tell him he was in love with him, that would creep him out.
Gerard kept looking at franks eyes. Franks gorgeous hazel eyes, that kept tearing up quietly. "Don’t cry Frankie. Not because of me, I'm not worth your tears." Gerard whispered. Gerard's voice resembled his feelings. They both were quiet, painful, breaking…

That only made more tears flow down franks cheeks. He couldn’t see his best friend in so much pain.
"Gerard you know, if ANYTHING, no matter what happened, you can always talk to me. I promise I'll help you with anything." Frank claimed as he got up and brought a wet piece of cloth.

"Not anything frank. You can't help me with anything."
"What do you mean?" frank asked, confused, as he gently tapped Gerard's bleeding head with the cloth.
"OUCH!" Gerard groaned as frank touched his bleeding head.

"Shit sorry man! What did you mea.." frank started but was cut off by the front door opening.
''Frank?" asked franks girlfriend, Jamia. She saw that he was crying, and Gerard was bleeding. "

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE?" She asked and raced towards the boys.

"Well… Gerard…. Hurt himself." Frank tried to explain.

"Oh honey…"Jamia looked at Gerard with a worried face and hugged him gently. After she pulled off she gave frank a sweet kiss. Gerard really liked Jamia, she was nice and caring and everything, she and frank were really cute together. But it hurt seeing them together. And when they kissed, like now, it hurt even more. It felt like someone was stabbing Gerard's little heart with a cold blade.

"Call me when you get home Frankie, I'm gonna leave you two alone now. Bye Gee, get better. We all love you." She said as she got out of the door and went on her way.

Gerard couldn’t take it anymore. That kiss, they seemed so happy together. And seeing someone you love completely happy with someone else hurt so much.

 And something happened. Something that Gerard didn’t expect. Suddenly, a single tear flowed down his pale cheek. Only one, but it was so full of pain.

"Gee…. Are you…" frank looked at Gerard, noticing the tear. Frank knew Gerard never cried, not since he was a little boy.

"GEE! You never cry!" frank wrapped his arms around Gerard, who had yet another tear on his cheek now.

"MIKEY!!!" frank yelled. "COME HERE, QUICK!!!"

They heard Mikey running down the stairs.
"What? What happened?!" he asked, breathing heavily.

"Gerard's… he's…. crying."

 how's the story so far? do you like it? should i continue? please leave comments, and thanks for reading this shitty fic! ;D

ps. sorry for any stupid grammar mistakes, the autocorrect is making me look like an idiot. >.<

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