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buckle up your seatbelt fellas, this is going to be a long ride,. * evil laugh*

prepare your tissues as well


"What do you think you are doing,my love"

smirk never left her lips, from his voice she can tell he was mad but she had enough now, he leave her alone in the room only to come here to be with those sluts and whores.

his arms were around her holding her at her place he glare at each and every person in the club who was looking at her with their dirty eyes.

he ignore her in a way she never imagine he will do ,now she is going to give him the taste of his own medicine.

she turn around in his strong arms, she look at him and give him fake smile which he noticed. he bring his other hand to her hairs and caressed it softly.

"what is my baby doing here?" Instead of giving him the answer she wrap her arms around his neck and push her body against him.

Fire, this is what taehyung feels, his body started burning as soon as she touch him, her only mere touch drive him to the edge of his sanity.

Only he know who much he just what to pin her against the wall and kiss her senselessly.

His breath caught in his throat when she trace her lips on the side of his neck, his grip around her waist become tight.

The way her body was pressed into him wasn't helping at all, she kiss his neck nibble on it, she press her lower body into his more.

Taehyung close his eyes feeling her so close to him, and in no time he feel his pant become tighter, he bite his lips not to let out any voice.

she know about the effect she had on him and she was using it were well.

"baby?" he said with a shaky voice, y/n bite his earlobe lightly before smirking.

"now you know me huh?" she whispered, Taehyung release shaky breath knowing he fucked up big time.

There was lots of things going inside his head, his mind was filled with all the sinful things he will do to her but she was the one giving him hard time

before he could say anything he was pushed back, he stumble of his feet and look at her with wide eyes, she was looking at him coldly and like she didn't do anything just know.

"you are sleeping outside tonight." she said before turning to her heels and walk out.

taehyung was dumbfounded and all turned on, the bulge in his pants was visible, he was breathing heavily and sweat was form on his forehead, Taehyung sigh in frustration and run his hands through his hairs.

he was crying internally about what happened right now, helpless and busted.

he put his hands on his hips and close his eyes, he then look toward the exit and walk out breathing heavily.

standing in front of the room taehyung think before turn the knob, it wasn't lock but it doesn't mean that his wife will be happy with him.

he walk in slowly closing the door behind him, he saw her curling into the bed cover with blanket.

his eyes soften, what he did for a week to her wasn't forgivable for him but he know that his one apology will melt his innocent and navie wife's heart.

he walk to the other side of the bed and slip under the cover, he stare at her back thinking what to do. she was wide awake and aware of his presence.

with hesitation he wrap his arms around her waist and pull her into his chest, he bury his head in the crook of her neck and sniff her scent.

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