Chapter 4:Three years,A new Enemy, Partnerships and Old Faces and a Return

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--------------------------Otagakure (2 years later)--------------------------------------------------- 

Sasuke had trained and he thought he had learned all he needed to know from Orochimaru. "Orochimaru, I have learned all I needed to learn from you. I am going now"  Orochimaru laughed and Kabuto frowned "You can't leave not after all I had taught you, You're my little protege, You cannot leave" Sasuke shook his head and Kabuto looked at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru's smile turned into a frown and his arms already beginning to weaken clenched into fists. "What has gotten into little Sasuke, Who came to me in hopes of being strong enough to defeat his brother' Sasuke looked down"I've grown strong enough to defeat him and go back to Konohagakure to restore my clan"

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed when he heard that Sasuke wanted to go back to Konohagakure. "No, I absolutely forbid it, If you go back to your room willingly. Me and Kabuto will forget this ever happened" Sasuke again shook his head and whispered."Chidori" He struck Kabuto in the gut and Orochimaru with his Katana. and made his way out of the base.

----------------------------------------------------------Woods near Akatsuki hideout-----------------------------

'Itachi, Kisame, I sense a presence nearby, a chakra sign I recognize" A voice broke the silence of Three figures walking towards the base. Itachi and Kisame looked toward the person where the voice came from "Yes, I sense it too, I recognize the signature it's my brother" The figure looked sharply at Itachi. "So the person who defeated me and was the reason of my defection is coming, Good"

The figure pulled his hat back and revealed his face. It was Naruto. His eyes were of no emotion, his lips in a bloodthirsty smile, his cat like markings were even deeper and Peircings were on his nose and eyebrows, a tattoo of Kurama wrapped around his neck and onto his chest. He pulled out his weapon, It was a sword with a silver blade with an Akatsuki cloud near it's point and a red and black handle with compartments for seals with a fire symbol at the end of the handle.

"So who's this brother guy" A voice asked. Naruto looked down and saw a black cat with a silver fire marking on her forehead and silver and black eyes. "An enemy, Ayame"  The cat smiled "Ooh do we get to kill him, I've got a new techinique, I want to try" Naruto looked over at Itachi. "Not if we can help it, He may be an enemy but he's still my brother" Kisame rolled his eyes at Naruto and Naruto rolled his eyes back and shook his head at Ayame. She pouted "No fair" "ITACHI"


 Sasuke saw three figures up ahead. He recognized his brother and his partner but the third figure he did not, he was blonde much like Naruto but he couldn't recognize the Chakra signal only a little bit but not enough to be sure, The blonde figure looked down at a cat then at Itachi, His partner and then the cat again. He chose this time to yell "ITACHI"


The figures looked behind them and there was Sasuke. His Katana in his hands. He jumped down in front of Itachi and smirked "I've got you now" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulder and flung him back into a tree "No you don't". Sasuke looked in shock at the figure. It was Naruto. "But, I thought you'd never leave Konoha". Naruto walked forward and Sasuke saw his eyes were filled with no emotion whatsoever.

"I got bored of the village so I left" Sasuke stood up but Naruto held him down "Yo, Itachi, Kisame are you going to help"Kisame smiled and Itachi nodded.They tied Sasuke up. "We are leaving now, We do not wish to get into a battle at this moment" Naruto said, Sasuke glared at them and they just glanced at him before leaving. Sasuke started to untie his knots. He decided to go to Konoha maybe Tsunade knew what happened.

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