A Serpent and His Rose [It's Official]

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Draco's POV:

You woke up that morning, Andrea laying in your arms. You smiled, not able to believe it. She is finally mine! You didn't want to wake her, she looked so peaceful laying there. She was so beautiful. Your beautiful girl. Beautiful... virginal... abstinent... girl.

You won't last a day!

Excuse me?! You think that I have to have sex?!?!

Er... YES!

You slid out of the bed, making sure not to wake Andy. You were battling with yourself when she shifted in her sleep. She stretched out her legs. Her long... smooth... bare legs... around your waist as you lift her up, her bare breasts pressed against your chest---


"Draco..." you heard. You turned to see her eyes opening slowly. You didn't move as she rose. She looked gorgeous, her hair falling over her shoulders perfectly, even before she brushed it. You've fantasized about her waking up in your bed for years, and now it was actually happening. Mind you, the events beforehand weren't exactly the same.

"Morning." you said, finding your words. You walked over to her and she stood, pulling you into a kiss. Your mind traveled back to your fantasy before she had woken, and you felt yourself get... happy. You broke the kiss quickly.

"Er... Breakfast?" you asked quickly. She gave you a questioning look but you just smiled, hoping she didn't look down.

"Sure... I'll just go get ready." she said. You silently thanked the Lord as she turned and picked up her clothes, exiting the room. You sat down, looking down at your hard on. Quidditch! Yes Quidditch! Me riding my Nimbus 2001. Andy riding with me. On me... Her back arching, her hands grasping the sheets as she fights for air between her cries of my name---

Oh shit, I am so screwed.


Andrea's POV:

You walked into the girl's dorms and was instantly bombarded with questions as Kasey ran up to you.

"I can't believe you FINALLY did it!" she practically screamed.

"I didn't do anything."

"It didn't look like 'nothing' to me." she said lasciviously.

"What didn't?" Tammy asked, walking in.

"Nothing." you said, opening your trunk.

"Isn't that Draco's shirt?" she asked. Kasey nodded vigorously. Tammy's mouth dropped open.

"Nothing happened!" you yelled. They looked at you disbelievingly. "Fine, don't believe me. I don't care. I'm going for a shower." you said, thoroughly annoyed. They could really ruin a good mood, those two. You got into the shower, letting the water hit your face and wake you up. You used the vanilla body wash and shampoo that your mother had sent you for the first time, and loved the smell. You finished, getting out and drying yourself off. You wrapped the towel securely around you and brushed out your hair. You used your wand to dry it. It was loosely curled and you liked it, so you left it that way. You got dressed, then began with your make up. You kept it simple, using only eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. You grabbed your bag and went down the stairs, but Draco wasn't down yet. You sighed, wondering why a boy would take longer at getting ready than you would. You sat on the couch and took out your Transfiguration book, opening to the page you were at before you were rudely interrupted by Kasey last night. Draco didn't come down for another 10 minutes, and when he did the common room was empty. Everyone had left for breakfast. You closed the book and put it back in your bag when you saw him come down.

"Late much?" you asked. He put his arm around you.

"Hey, someone has to be the good-looking one of the relationship." he said fake-conceitedly. You laughed and walked out with him.


Draco's POV:

You had managed to make it through the day... barely. You didn't realize that you would think about sex so much when you weren't going to get it. It was maddening! You just had to get through Transfiguration. You leaned back as usual, uninterested in the lesson, but watching Andrea instead. This isn't so bad... She lifted her leg, crossing them and her skirt scooting up a few inches. You felt your heart rate quickened. You stood up straight, averting your gaze. Unfortunately you didn't have much will power. Your eyes slowly turned back, glancing at her exposed thigh. You wanted to touch her.

Not even a whole day! Jeez!

Hey it's HARD!


No not that! Just... GAH! SHUT UP!

You scooted your chair in. If you were actually at your desk, you wouldn't be able to see her from that angle. It worked. You only could see her upper half. She was diligently taking notes. Not so sexy. You began to settle down, and decided to tune into McGonagall. You would never get hard listening to her.


Andrea's POV:

You sighed happily as Transfiguration ended. You dropped your notes in your bag. You had felt Draco's eyes on you almost the entire time, but didn't have a chance to talk to him throughout the entire class. It was all lecture today. You sighed as you got up. Draco followed you out.

"So what do you want to do?" you asked.

"Just hang out, I guess." he said. You nodded, and you both walked to the Slytherin dorms. You put your bag up and took off your robes, then went back down to the common room. You talked with some of the girls, including Pansy unfortunately. It was the normal fake conversations, and you looked to see Draco and Blaise coming down the stairs. You got up and walked over.

"Blaise, do you mind if I steal him?" you asked, a pout on your lips. He nodded and waved, and you and Draco sat on the sofa.

"Look, about last night..." you began.

"It's fine." Draco said quickly.

"But I feel bad! I mean, I know how your sex life usually is... Is it hard?" you asked.

"More than you know..." he muttered.


"Nothing... It's fine really." he said.

"Cool." you said, giving him a small peck on the lips. He squeezed your knee reassuringly. People began to drift out of the common room for dinner as you talked.

"Are you hungry?" you asked. He shook his head. "Me neither." you sighed. There really wasn't much to do around here, today anyway. "I'm bored."

"Well, we're alone." Draco said, raising an eyebrow. You smiled and leaned in, kissing him.

OoOoOo! We should be bored more often!


Draco's POV:

You couldn't help suggesting it. You had been thinking about her all day. And you were ALONE on a couch! What normal boy wouldn't?? She moved with you as you leaned back, both of you lying horizontally on the couch. You asked for entry to her mouth and your tongue explored freely. You rested a hand on her waist while one was rubbing her back.

God she's hot.

Too bad about that whole no sex thing...

Shut it! You're ruining my fun!

Your hands traveled up her shirt, stopping at her breasts. She broke the kiss and looked at you. You gave her a cute little oops? smile.

"How about we go somewhere that won't tempt us. Library?" she asked. You nodded, then grabbed her arm to stop her.

"I'll... need a minute." you confessed.

"I'll just go get my books." She said, giving you an apologetic look. You concentrated very hard.

I don't like this! I've had to get rid of a boner the hard way one two many times these days.


*Scowl* Okay, think of something! ANYTHING! Quidditch, school, Snape, grandma... Okay. You stood, and waited for Andy.

"Good?" she asked. You nodded and you both made your way to the library.


Andrea's POV:

You sat next to Draco in the library, only 2 or 3 other students spread out around the silent room. The only sound was fluttering of books. You couldn't help but notice every time Draco looked at you from his magazine. It made you smile. It wasn't until 5 minutes had passed since you've been there that he had stopped looking back at the magazine. You couldn't concentrate.

"Stop it." you said playfully.

"Stop what?" he asked innocently.

"You're looking at me." you whispered, seeing the librarian look up at you two warningly from her desk across the room. You felt his hand find its way to your knee.

"I can't concentrate. I've read the same line like, 50 times."

"I'm sorry." he said simply, leaning over and kissing your neck softly.

"Stop! The librarian will see." you said, pushing him away just as she looked up again.

"Fine." he said, and he took your hand and stood up. You stood, and he pulled toward the bookshelves. We passed rows and rows until we reached the corner of the library, the very last row. You were about to ask what he was doing when he practically attacked you. You leaned back against the shelf as he kissed your neck, his hands feeling your stomach under your shirt.

"We came here to avoid this." you whispered, smiling.

"Didn't work." he said playfully. You laughed quietly, then his lips met yours.

"But--" you began but he continued kissing you. You gave up, your hands snaking around his neck, pulling him closer. It seemed to get hotter all of the sudden. You pulled away.

"Uh... Draco?" you asked. He stopped, his forehead touching yours, his breathing steady.

"Maybe, this isn't a good idea."

"Your right, that librarian is a bitch."

"No." you said, stepping away from him. "Us."

"What?" he asked.

"I think maybe we're just a little too attracted to each other for our own good." you admitted.

"Are we breaking up already?" he asked, fear creeping into his eyes. This startled you.

"We weren't really, together. Officially, anyway. Did you... want to be?" you asked, not believing the words coming out of Draco's mouth. He walked in front of you and took your hand.

"Well... yeah." he said sweetly, like a 5 year old asking a girl to be his girlfriend.

No! No no no no no--

What?! Why?

Because he jumps on us every chance he gets!

"We can't. I don't think you'll be able to handle a non-sexual relationship." you said honestly.

"Well you might be right on that one. But I'm willing to give it a shot if you are." he said, smiling. You laughed and nodded, taking his arm happily as he escorted back to your seat where you were able to actually focus on homework.

*    *    *    *

"Morning!" you said happily, pecking Draco on the cheek. The last couple of days were perfect, and it seemed the new system you and Draco had developed was working well. Basically, you hugged and didn't kiss longer than two minutes. It was actually a good thing, because it allowed for you and Draco to get to know each other and do fun stuff that didn't involve a condom. For example, Draco had taken you out last night to learn how to play Quidditch, which you found surprisingly fun.

"Morning." he smiled. You sat next to him, and he pulled you into a sweet kiss. You broke away from him when the mail came. A letter dropped in front of Draco and he picked it up, unfolding it neatly. You ate your toast, not concerned with what it was until you saw his eyes widen.

"What's wrong?" you asked, peering over his shoulder.

"My father. He's coming to discuss something with Dumbledore and would like to visit with me today. I have to go meet him after breakfast." he said, the color draining from his face.

"Well, what's wrong with that?" you asked cautiously.

"He usually only visits me if something bad has happened."

"Oh." you took his hand and he ate his toast, his mind obviously racing. You gave him another quick peck on the cheek. "It'll be fine." you reassured him. He nodded, then stood. "Do you want me to come with you?"

"No that's okay. Stay and eat." he said. With that, he left. You thought it was an odd situation, and the way he was acting didn't help. You finished your breakfast a little more quickly than usual and exited the Great Hall. You were walking back to the common room when voices caught your attention. They were coming from a classroom a ways down the hall. As you got closer, you recognized one of the voices as Draco's.

"...I understand that." he said stiffly.

"Really?" came a cold voice that you could only assume was his father's. "Draco, we have postponed this long enough! It's your last year at Hogwarts!"

"Yes father I know, but--"

"What? That girl you keep talking about? It's been 2 years Draco, give it a rest."

"Sir, we've only just gotten together..." Draco trailed off. They were talking about you! You leaned closer as their voices got quieter.

"...the Wests expect it!"

"Only because you told them to!" Draco's voice rose angrily. Suddenly a sharp smacking sound filled the hall. You put a hand over your mouth to stop from making any noise. You heard a thump sound like somebody had fallen. You peeked into the crack of the door and saw Draco on the floor, his father kneeling over him.

"I've given you enough chances Draco! You will come to the West Manor over break. Are we clear?" he hissed. Draco just nodded.

West? Felicia West?! What did they have anything to discuss? He was going to be with her all Christmas break? You felt your heart drop to the pit of your stomach. Suddenly you saw movement, and ran and hid behind a statue. Lucius Malfoy came out of the room, straightened his cloak, and proceeded to the entrance hall. After a moment, you came out and slowly edged into the classroom. Draco hadn't moved, his back to you. He sat staring at the wall ahead. You walked slowly behind him, then slid down next to him. He didn't look at you. You touched the side of his face that was red and he winced. You watched him with sad eyes, and knew this wasn't the time to question him about Felicia. You wrapped your arms around him and he leaned into you, and you stayed together on the floor for a long time.

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