Chapter Eight: School Preparations

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        It's the last day before school starts. Ugh. All this week, the different groups have been going into the school and putting their school supplies in their lockers. I grabbed my six notebooks, four folders, agenda book, pencil box, and binder. I threw them into my floral rose backpack. I changed into skinny jeans, black converse, and my old 4H sweater. I threw my hair in a messy bun and put my glasses on. 

        Maggie was still asleep, her long hair covering her face. "Maggie. Maggie, wake up," I say, shaking her until she wakes.

        "Hmm? What? I am awake," she says very fast, making me laugh.

        "Get ready, we're bringing our supplies to the school today," I say, checking my phone. 8:49. "We leave at nine. Get ready!" I sing as I leave my room and walk downstairs. I call my mom.

        "Hi Mom!" I say excitedly. "How are you doing?"

        "Cameron, hello honey! I am doing great, how is the academy so far?" she replies.

        "Mom, it's great so far. I start school tomorrow," I reply, eyeing Mason as he walks down the stairs. He smirks at me.

        "Oh? Thats good. Have you made any friends yet?" Mom asks. At that moment, Mason takes my phone and starts talking to my mom.

        "Mason!" I laugh.

        "Hello, Mrs. Taylor, I am one of Cami's frickin' hot friends, Mason," Masons says as he leaves the room. I laugh and he just keeps talking to her. "Cami! She wants to talk to you!"

        I take my phone back and talk to Mom again. "Sorry Mom, that was Mason," I say, blushing.

        "He sounds nice," she says.

        "Okay," I reply. "So in my dorm, there are six boys and twelve girls and I've made friends with pretty much everyone, except for Mason because he smells bad!" He sticks his tongue out at me. Then everybody starts walking downstairs, so I end the call. "Mom, I have to go, we're leaving soon. Love you, bye!"

        "Okay, that was uncalled for," Mason says, laughing. I shrug and sit at the counter.

        "Oh look, Mason woke up early just to see Cami!" Sam teases. Mason and I both blush and look away. "I'm only kidding. Let's go check out this school."


        Laura leads us to our lockers. I find 118 and I use my key to open it. Mason is next to me at 116, and Abby switched lockers with Reagan so she could be closer to Natalie, so now Reagan is next to me at 120.

        The lockers are pretty big, with shelving at the very top and bottom, with a place in the middle to put coats and bags. I put all of my supplies in and talk to Reagan. She whispers to me in a low voice.

        "I totally think that Mason likes you," she says, tossing her long hair. "Do you like him?" I blush and look away.

        "Awh, OTP!" she whisper yells. I smile and shrug, but I don't think Mason likes me. We're just friends, right?

        "Anyways, want to write your schedule on a paper and hang it in your locker as a reminder?" Rea asks. I nod and she hands a fine tip sharpie and a piece of paper. On one side of the paper, I write the following:


English Honours (8:00)

Algebra I Open (8:50)

Culinary (9:40)

Cross Country Advanced (11:00)

Lunch (12:35)

Show Jumping Beginner (1:00)

        On the other side of the paper, I write this:


Astronomy Open (8:00)

US History Honours (8:50)

3D Art (9:40)

Cross Country Advanced (11:00)

Lunch (12:35)

Show Jumping Beginner (1:00)

        Then at the bottom of the page, I wrote this:

At 10:25, go back to dorms and change into riding equiptment.

        I hand Rea her sharpie back and use some of her tape to hang up my little sign on the inside of the locker door. "Great, thank you!" I exclaim.

                All of the sudden, Mason whispers "I have show jumping and Algebra with you" into my ear, making me scream out of fright. He stands there laughing.

        "Mason!" I yell. "Not funny!"

        "That was pretty funny," he says, laughing some more. "C'mon, you gotta admit it. Even a little. It was a little funny." I make a face at him and grab my empty bag, slinging it over my shoulder. 

        "Okay, it was a little funny. Not even a little. It was only partially a little funny," I say. Mason gives me a confused look. "I don't know. Don't ask."

        "Does everyone have all of their supplies in their lockers?" Laura asks us. Everyone nods, and the continuous chorus of shutting lockers is almost deafening. We walk around for a bit, seeing where all of our classes are. My algebra, science, and culinary classes are on the bottom floor, but there is a side stair case that leads right to my US history class and my English class. My 3D Art class is on the second story, down the hallway just a bit.

        I meet Laura and Rea by the front entry and we start talking. "You guys can head back to the dorms. There are surpirses on your beds," Laura says.

        Rea and I walk back to the dorms together, wondering what the surprises are.

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