c h a p t e r 2

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You turned around and saw the man towering over you and slightly jumped. His warm brown eyes met yours for a few seconds before he cut off eye contact. He was probably weirded out at the fact that you were drooling over him a few seconds ago. You just ignored it and turned back around facing the board. You stared at the three girls. Maybe it was your mind messing with you but they oddly looked just like you? "Guys?" You ask the three men surrounding the board. "Yes?" Derek asked and turned his attention to you.

"Am I crazy or do these women kind of look like me?" You asked in a very questioning tone. It's like you were looking at a pictures of yourself. Everything down to the eye color was the exact same. "Now that I look at it yes, actually you look identical to these women!" Spencer said. He stepped closer to your face and now his was inches away from yours. (now kith) His eyes started deep into yours. He studied your face and it's features. "Okay enough Spencer" Hotch said pulling Spencer away from your face. Spencer's face turned a slight pink shade as well as yours.

"Y/N do you think this could be connected to you in some way?" Hotch ask taking down one of the pictures on board. "I mean it could be likely, maybe an ex lover ?" Spencer asked. "You know most killings motives are love" Spencer said. Love? You haven't had a boyfriend in years! You stood there thinking of who could've possible wanted to do something to get revenge on you, but no one came to mind.

"No, it's fine guys maybe it's just a coincidence" you say taking the picture off Hotchner's hands and onto your own. His hands touched yours in the swift movement. "I haven't had a boyfriend in god knows how long! I mean who could this possibly be?" you said and put the picture back on the board. You walked away and into the middle of the room.  The boys still had their eyes on you. Maybe it was just a weird coincidence but you always have to think the unthinkable when solving a case.

"You girls find anything?" You ask scanning the room. Both Emily and JJ had papers all over the table and Garcia was still typing away. "Well see Spencer said maybe he found these girls at a club right? Well I found this club called Dynamite and it's close by all the three girls jobs maybe he found them there" Garcia said turning over her laptop so you could see.

"I love you Penelope Garcia" you said walking over to the table. She flashed you a big smile. You crouched down to the tables height and looked at all the millions of words on Garcias laptop. "Do you think they knew each other?" You asked.

"Guys check this out" Emily spoke up moving her eye from the papers to you and your teammates. Soon all eyes were on Emily. "The girls went to the same high-school as Y/N" she said. Your heart dropped. The girls looking like you was already enough to give you the creeps but this is beyond a coincidence, maybe it's planned. "What?" You asked Emily getting up and walking over to the girls.

"Class of 2000" JJ spoke up. She had what looked like a school news paper in her hand and handed it to you. The guys and Penelope soon crowed you and the girls. "Virginia High-school Class Of 2000" was what was printed in big bold letters of the paper.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter although it was a tad short than the first. I'm currently trying to makeup some missing assignments so I took a bit of time uploading. Thank you for all the support and I hope you guys continue to vote and comment on this book!!!

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