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Lacey's P.O.V.

I had to recall that it was at least 8 pm now, and I also was sure Logan's so called 'boys' are having a sleepover right now.

And I cannot believe that Mrs. Henry, our dorm adviser for 4th year, let him!

And also... I'm going to rip out their throats, even if it's the last thing I do. But of course, in a lady-like manner, I should use chain saws. Nah, it'll look like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

I tried to calm myself down. I was doing my homework. I had to finish a 5000 word essay about the US presidents, and I have to submit it by tomorrow. And bad news, I still have to type it on the PC, then print it out.

I still heard loud laughter.


Thump! Thump!

That was it. This was the last straw.

I stood up from my chair, and headed to his room, I took a really hard bean bag-ish pillow with me.

They were about to learn about how bad it is to mess up with a girl.

I knocked on his door loudly, and opened the door. My eyes were as big as ever.

I heard a gasp; a gayish gasp, everyone laughed.

I screamed. Good thing these walls were sound proof.

"Will you guys shut up?" I asked, lowering my voice, they just laughed.

But then, I realized that I was wearing a blue shirt, and matching PJ shorts with pink lambs. And also, to ruin my serious moment... bunny slippers.

"Seriously guys! Shut up. I'm trying to do my homework." I argue once more. One of those ungrateful swines snorted at me.

"Seriously guys! Shut up, I'm trying to do my homework, because I'm a lonely nobody." And I was sure that was Logan mimicking.

Why is he so mean lately? Got a Pre Menstrual Syndrome, buddy? Because I currently do.

"You know what? Rot in bloody hell!" I had to emphasize bloody in order to get my attention.

I took my pillow from the floor, and started hitting all of them.

That's how you make jocks hate you, right? Well if it doesn't, what will?

After hitting their obnoxious arsey faces, I stormed to my room.

**The next day

I woke up but decided to stay in bed for a while.
But I was irritated of what my breath taste and smells like.

I stood up, and checked the clock. It was 6:30 am. Snap, I still have to iron my uniform.

Oh gosh.

Logan's P.O.V.

"Dude..." I tried slapping Peter's back, but he was at least a a meter in front of me.

"Dude..." I call once more. But he wasn't looking at me. So it was the last final straw. This makes me want a chocolate shake.

"Dude!" I whisper-yelled. But it was a bit too loud, since the room was quiet.

Señor Perez faced me. Oh gross, his mustache is weird looking! Please, kill me now.

"Mr. Anderson. Copy down the notes. And stop talking to Mr. Colsen. He looks uncomfortable." Señor Perez said, wiggling his eyebrows. Ew, gross. He looks like a mixture of sweat, Spongebob, and an addict.

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