Chapter One

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Broadmore Prison

"How do you think they are treating me? I'm in the nick, stupid bitch." Her brother glared at her , slamming his hand on the table, earning a warning look from the prison officer.

Great, I thought. Another wasted Saturday afternoon.

" Why do you even bother to come and see me?" he snarled earning more looks from other prisoners at the table. Jason looked around nervously and shifted in his seat. Why do I bother indeed? How about because no-one else will.

I sat back in the chair, and looked around the room at the other people having conversations with the inmates. Some of the men were smiling at their mothers, others laughing at their wives' stories, some looked envious of the stories from the outside world, but most looked happy to receive visits. Not her brother though.

my gaze stopped on one of the inmates. He was a large man, dwarfing the table he sat at and the man he was sitting with. Edges of his tattoos peeked out from under his t-shirt. His dark hair was cropped short buzz like, his tanned skin was scarred which looked like he'd taken plenty of beatings. His eyes were dark brown almost black and they have focused angrily on something. His mouth tightened into a fierce, tight line, his jaw moving as he ground his teeth. I followed his line of vision which led... to Jason.

Making friends again, I see Jason. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the man to find his eyes were now on her. His eyes had softened slightly, one side of his mouth had turned upwards, grinning at her. He winked at me, I could feel the heat crawl up my face, along with a smile. His mouth widened into a shit-eating grin. The effect made him look care-free and boy-like. I felt an electric current flow through and hit straight for my clit, my pussy clenching, I squirmed in my seat, making the hunky man grin even wider.

"Who the fuck are you looking at?" Her brother hissed at her. Jason turned to look at the giant of a man, smiling at her. The man's smile dropped and his anger focused back on her brother. Jason visibly paled and looked shaken. He sat up straighter, stiffer.

"Who is he?" I asked.

Her brother cleared his throat. "Nobody" he mumbled. "How's work?"

Grace's eyebrows shot up. "um.. fine. I got a promotion last month."

Her brother nodded, his eyes downcast.
"Have you heard from Mum?"

"No, I wrote a few months back, when I first went away, but she didn't reply. She hasn't visited either." Jason's eyebrows knitted together.

"She has a new boyfriend, Freddie. He seems nice. He's been taking her away a lot, so maybe she just hasn't had the time" I was lying. Mum had a new man, and he was taking her away, but she had time. She just didn't want to admit her son was inside. She was ashamed of him.
Jason nodded slowly. He opened his mouth to speak- "Visiting time is over. Inmates, remain seated. Visitors make your way to the blue door"

"See you in a few weeks Jason. Love you" I stood up, my chair making a scraping sound. I looked over at the tattooed hunk of man. He was looking at me again, smiling. I smiled back, and lifted my hand in a wave, then turned, my face heating again. I groaned, I needed to change my panties.

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