Chapter 23

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Aston's P.O.V

That made me jump! I wasn't expecting a puppy. That was the least thing I was expecting but it was well cute. I picked it up and walked downstairs with Maria. She took Blue off me and sat on the sofa with him in her arms.

I say on the sofa next to her and pulled one knee to my chest. "I can't believe mum got me a chihuahua as my present. I just wish I could find her." she said. Seeing Maria sad made me feel heartbroken. She started to cry so I pulled her into a hug and whispered "We will find her. We won't give up until I know you and your family is safe." she looked up and kissed me.

I looked down to find Maria asleep on my chest. I moved her so I could get up and went upstairs to get a shower.

Mark's P.O.V

I got a text from Maria.

From: Maria👸: Hey. My mum is missing. Can you come and help us find her and Katie? xx

I quickly replied and left my house and headed to Maria's.

I knocked on the door to be answered by Aston with no shirt on but had trousers on and had wet hair. I guess he had a shower. "Hey. Come in." he said as he opened the door wider to reveal a sleepy Maria. "Shh. Try not to wake her. She is having a tough time." he told me. In her arms was a cute chihuahua. I watched her as she slowly woke up.

"Oh hey." she said as she saw me. "Hiya Sleeping Beauty." I smiled. She chuckled and asked "Where's Aston?" I pointed to the kitchen and she smiled as Aston walked in with 3 mugs of hot chocolate. "Well hey there." he said to her as she drooled over his 6 pack. "Hi." was all she said. "Thanks mate." I said as Aston handed me the mug.

"Did I tell you we met over hot chocolate?" She asked me. "Well kinda. We met at a bus stop and, well, before I could speak to you, you fainted." Aston added. Maria told me what happened and she snuggled up to Aston. I wish that guy would put a shirt on. She laid her head on his chest and stroked her hand across his 6 pack. Jealousy was growing inside me. I just wanted to pull her off him and throw him a shirt and have Maria sleep on my chest.

But that wouldn't be the best thing to do. We chatted a while and they told me about how they found Blue and Maria cried about her mum and sister. She was really close to her mum and sister. I have never seen her so upset. "Right, tomorrow all 3 of us are going to search for Jenny and Katie. We will not give up. We are doing this for Maria." Aston suddenly announced. It seems he was good at announcements, like the one at their latest concert.

"We will meet Soph, Marv, Jay and Reesh here tomorrow at 9:00am sharp. Don't forget Mark." Aston said. I just nodded.

It was all arranged. Tomorrow, me, Aston, Maria, Sophie, Marvin, JB and Oristé are going to start to look for Jenny and Katie.

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