Chapter 5

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

"Hello. This is the application form for the ten regulars on Yu Qing High School Tennis Club." Siyang says giving some papers to one of the girls

"Yu Qing High School? Okay."

"Hello, here are your entry permits."

"Thank you."

"Everyone, please follow me." A man says, the team starts following him, the twins in the back, Lu Jia trying to take her brother's hat from his head

"No way."

"They're the top players of Yu Qing High School?"

"I saw them play last time. They're good."

"That's in singles. If they play doubles..."

"You're right."


The Golden partners, Yan and Lu Jia were walking together, Lu Jia drinking her Fanta deciding to just hear the three of them talk.

"Why do you think our captain isn't playing this time? Is he saving some energy for next season?" Lu Jia rolls her eyes

"This is the final list of competitors."

"Our captain is really not playing?"

"It's understandable. Look at this. This is something important." Jiale points at Qiao Chen and Lu Xia's names on the doubles space

"It exceeds my calculations of winning chances." Lu Jia sighs "I heard it's their own idea. Coach considered for a long time before the application." Jiale sighs

"They're both idiots, that's what they are." Lu Jia says before giving her can to Yan and grabbing the paper 

"If I had known this earlier, I would've asked them to practice more." Jiale scoffs at Dayong's words

"Forget it. I never believed in cramming for the test. It depends on their luck, hm? Let's go."

'I just hope I don't have to play...' The girl sighs before giving the paper back to Yan and grabbing her can

"You shouldn't drinking that many sodas, you and your brother. It's bad for your health, and the taste isn't that good."

"Yan, this doesn't make me cry from how bitter it is. Upgrade your juice to something sweeter and you might have a chance to talk about taste." She glares at him while the Golden partners chuckle


"The rules are as follows. There are seven rounds altogether, the side that wins will move on to the next stage. Besides, it's the first match for Yu Qing. So, at least six should be completed, whether the results come out ahead of time or not." Lu Jia groans at the announcer words, so she did have to play, just great! Noticed the sarcasm? "Now, both sides please be ready."

"Siyang, your hands haven't recovered yet. So, this time, I didn't include you on the name list." The coach says, Lu Jia listening to the two in silence

"I understand."

"Hey! You're sitting on my towel." Lu Jia sighs hearing Qiao Chen

"Why do I have to play?" The girl mumbles pouting, Dayong chuckling at the girl's words 

"Why don't you want to play?"

"Not feeling my best, need sleep." She says yawning

"Playing games all night?"

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