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dont leave me

6 months into the pregnancy

as vinnie played his games with friends, milo watched from his bed and tried not to fall asleep. he screamed at his game while she put the pillow over her face and sighed into it.

she did her best to get comfy, not liking the empty bed. after about an hour, she was fighting sleep. she didnt want to fall asleep but at the same time, she was really tired.

"babyyy" she whinned.

he took the headset off one ear before glancing at her and then turning back to his game.

"yes babe?"
"i want some attention bro, like come cuddle with me" she said as his smile grew.
"i gotta go boys"

he took of his headset and his computer screen went black as he walked over and laid down next to her. sleep found then both quickly, vinnie fell asleep quicker than milo, but they were still as close as it gets.

while they were sleeping a loud voice erupted in his room. kio was rambling on about some random girl while recording. the couple stared at him like he was speaking a completely foreign language until he fell onto the floor. vinnie looked up a bit, slightly concerned but also confused. kio laughed from the floor before grabbing his phone and running out.

"am i dreaming or?" milo asked.
"nope, i saw it too"
"well, im fully awake now"
"me too" he said while they both sat up.
"sadly, thats not the weirdest thing to happen in this house"
"yeah, im still confused on what he was talking about"
"same. i didnt know whether to laugh or be concerned"
"i think concerned but at the same time, i really dont know"

they both laughed and went downstairs to hang out with the rest of the boys.

vinnie went upstairs to take a shower an dit had been about an hour later, and he wasnt out of the bathroom yet. milo went upstairs, slightly worried but also trying to keep calm. she knocked at the door but heard nothing.

she opened it to see vinnie sitting on the counter, hearing soft sniffles. she walked over quietly and stood in between his legs before taking his hands in hers.

"vinnie?" she asked softly as his red and puffy eyes looked up into hers.
"why are you crying?"
"i cant fucking do it anymore. its just getting harder and harder everyday and-"

she gently placed her lips onto his, bringing her hands to his cheeks and cupping his face in her hands. she pulled away and kissed his forehead before looking back at him.

"look i know it keeps getting harder, trust me, i get it. you are so much stronger than this vinnie. you just gotta keep going okay baby? it gets better i promise"

he pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her tightly before thanking her.


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