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This one shot will be an insight on Cake's life in the future, a few years after Everything You Do ended.

If you're new here, well my friend you've got a helluva long journey :)))) start with Prove You Wrong, which you can find on my profile!

For all those of you who have already read the trilogy, this isn't a fourth book. For now, it's just a single one shot.

However, if I do choose to write more one-shots or even another book, you'll be updated in here, so please keep this book in your library if you're interested!!

Thank you all for your support. I will be eternally grateful for you all, I love you so so much and hope to see you reading my other books!

I have a lot of Cake fics up on my profile already, such as Tumblr Prompts and Crazy World, which are both one-shot books. I have another multi-chapter story too, if that's what you're into, called Letters to Luke which is what I'm mainly working on at the moment. Hope to see you all there! <3

Love ya forever,
-Maya xx

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