Chapter 17

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I woke up in the middle of the night, I look over at my alarm clock and realize its 9:27. Oh shoot its been two days that sword wound took a toll on me.

I roll out of bed and started my shower. Its night so I must have missed their meeting to figure out what those black figures were, I hope Stefan went.

I got in the shower and I looked at my stomach but the wound was gone and I healed.

I hop out of the shower and put on some sweats and a sweatshirt. I walk in Stefan's room but he was sleeping so I walk out not wanting to disturb him.

I went downstairs and grabbed a blood bag from the refrigerator. I need to get my school work so I start walking and drinking my blood, I personally prefer O-Negative its sweet but tart at the same time.

I was about five minutes away from the school when Stiles jeep pulled up, he was driving and Scott was in the passenger seat.

They rolled down the window and Stile started talking "What are you doing its dark out?"

I started laughing "Vampires are creatures of the night remember? The predators that lurk around in the dark."

They both looked at each other and back at me, they probably thought I was high on blood or something.

They asked if I wanted a ride so I said yes and jumped in. They were nervous the whole time "So how are you" Scott asked hesitantly.

I smiled and shrugged "Same old, same old. Did you ever figure out what those dark figures are?"

They nodded their heads yes and explained they weren't really a threat unless we got in their way. I wondered what they were hiding from me they were very awkward and it wasn't a normal awkward ether.

We got to the school and I snuck in, it was after hours but it was easy no wonder people keep dying.

I grabbed stuff from my locker and grabbed work from the teachers room, they all have an area for work if you were absent which happens a lot in Beacon Hills. I walked out not expecting Stiles and Scott to still being there, I was kinda hoping they wouldn't its so quiet and awkward, but I smiled and jumped in the back yet again.

Like I said it was silent the whole time and all I could focus on was Stiles heart thumping over and over again. I should have grabbed another bloodbag, I was staring at was his neck and all I was think about us how I wanted fresh blood.

I can feel the veins approach my face, I looked down trying to hide them. I feel a tap on my shoulder I look up and Stiles is holding out his wrist prompting me to drink from him.

I shook my head and opened the window which I jumped out of to get away from the tiny space.

They stopped but I told them to go and I would run home. I ran home to find Stefan on the porch steps.

Stefan's eyes were very red and had tears in them. I ran up to him and sat next to him.

I hug him "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I've only seen my brother cry a handful of times, it must be really bad.

He looks up at me and starts to talk "Something happened to Damon and Bonnie, she was the anchor and the dead kept coming back, through her. Damon died to help, but it was to much for Bonnie so Damon couldn't come back. They both are gone."

I froze, I couldn't move, couldn't talk, I just felt tears streaming down my face. That was a bunch of information at once and it made me feel like drowning. I felt dizzy. They can't be gone, how are they gone? If we were there we could've helped, they wouldn't have died, they would have survived. I don't know what happened but I knew I blacked out.

I woke up at 7:12. I don't wanna think about it because if I think about it then its true. The best thing for me to do is to go to school and push the heartache out of my system.

I put on some clothes and headed out. I was about to walk out the front door when Stefan stopped me "Do you really want to go to school right now?"

I look back at him and nod my head yes, he let out a small sigh and opened the door.

I ran to school making sure no one saw me and put my headphones in blasting the music to its highest. I walk through the school and I feel like everyones looking at me.

I go to my locker and take out my books, I close my locker door and see Lydia and Allison there giving me a sad look.

"What's wrong guy's?" Then Lydia decides to start talking to me "We were just wondering how you've been. Are you alright?"

I smile and turn on my heel walking away, how do they know, does everyone know? I walked into my class and sat down next to Ethan he looked at me funny but didn't say anything.

The whole class I was listening and writing the entire time. Ethan finally got the guts to say something "All I smell is anger and sadness coming off you" he whispered.

I was still looking down "I'm fine" I said trying to remain calm.

"Okay but if you need me I'm here" he said grabbing and holding my hand. Maybe I'll be okay.

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