Part one

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It's your first day back at Hogwarts a warm sensation of home fills your body. You walk up to Daphne Greengrass, your best friend, and embrace her in a tight hug. "How was your summer" you ask excitedly, "it was alright I guess, what about yours?" She asks. "Mine has been boring. I'm just glad to be back at Hogwarts" you say smiling. You both talk while making your way to the Slytherin common room. As you enter you are greeted by every one else. Your eyes lock with Draco Malfoy and your stomach ties itself in a knot. You can feel your warm blood flow to your face but quickly look away.

Later that day, the others head over to the great hall for some dinner. "Are you coming?" Daphne asks impatiently, "I just need to unpack a few things you go ahead, we'll catch up later when I'm done" you say "okay" Daphne says and walks off to the great hall. Alone in the dormitory you let out a sigh of relief excited for the coming year. You pull out a shirt your mom has knitted for you and hug it fondly. "Nice sweater you've got there" a dark and rustic voice says. You gasp and quickly turn around to face Draco Malfoy. You've had a crush on him since 3rd year and start to get flustered by his words. "Draco. Hi, uhm why aren't you eating?" He grins and says: "you're cute when you talk like that" and leaves the doorframe. You stand by your bed in confusion trying to make out what just happened and walk out of the Slytherin common room happy and full of glee when you stumble into a tall and dark haired man with piercing blue eyes. "My apologies, I didn't mean to walk in to you" you say not really knowing what to say to this utterly handsome and mysterious man. "Don't worry, no harm done" he says in a cold and dark voice with his hands around your arms to reassure you. As he put his hands on you arms you feel your stomach twist and feel like throwing up of excitement. And just like that he leaves. You can feel the blood streaming in you body and quickly run into the great hall to tell Daphne everything!

You walk over to the Slytherin table, everyone staring at you. "What took you so long" Daphne says with potatoes in her mouth. "Oh just wait till you hear why" you say full of adrenalin. "Well tell me!" You take a small breath and firstly tell her about your encounter with Draco and then your encounter with the tall and handsome stranger. "Hold on" she says, "did you say he had dark hair, blue eyes and was tall?" "Yes.....?" You say confused. "Omg" Daphne says and bursts out laughing. "What is it, what's going on" you say pounding her arm in frustration. "Ow, that hurt" , "well tell me then!" You say desperately "it's just, the man you're describing seems an awful lot like the new defense against the dark arts teacher, Mr. Riddle" you quickly cover your mouth with your hands unable to speak almost fainting. "You're kidding, right", "if only I was" Daphne says.

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