Chapter 4

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[I'm not a tennis player, I just enjoyed the drama and wanted to write this, so, many stuff might be very wrong!]

When Lu Xia got home from the store with the new book, he went straight to his sister room but not forgetting to put his bag in his room.

"Lu Jia, can I come in?" He asks but doesn't hear a answer, so he enters seeing asleep on her desk on top of her computer keyboard "You idiot, now, when you wake up, I'll have to take with you complaining about your back." He shakes his head putting down his book then picking her up carefully to not wake her up "Good night, sweet dreams." He leaves a kiss on her forehead after putting the cover on top of her


Everyone was practicing when a reporter stepped into the court to take pictures, which upset some of the players (and by some of the player I mean Baiyang and Lu Jia).  

"Hey!" Baiyang calls out for her as Lu Jia gets close "This is not a place for interviewing."

"Plus, high-heeled shows are not allowed in the court." The girl says pointing to her shoes with her racket 

"Please leave at once." Baiyang finishes before walking away with Lu Jia

"I could have done it myself." The boy says looking at Lu Jia 

"I know, I just wanted to seem cool." The smaller girl says with a smile

"You are cool and we all know it, there's no need to prove it." He smirks a little, messing her hair before running off

"Hey!" She pouts going after him


"Lu Xia!" Lu Jia screams running to the boy "Why did you leave so earlier?"

"You also left earlier." He points out

"To go after you. Also, that reporter is coming after us."

"Ignore her." He says as they walk towards the store

"So, Lu Xia has a girlfriend..." The woman mumbles to herself before someone taps her shoulder

"Xiao Sha." Qi Ying smiles

"Haven't I told you not to follow me? Why are you doing it again?"

"This is my way home..."

"Oh... Okay, you should go home now. Wait, before you go, does Lu Xia have a girlfriend? I just saw him meet a girl, she is from the tennis club as well!"

"You're talking about Lu Jia? She's his twin sister." Qi Ying giggles

"Oh. Anyways, I'm busy. I will make a big impact on sports education in China. Where are they? I lost him again." She sighs "Ying, do you know where they live?"

"I do, number 118 on Fu Guang Road."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You didn't ask me." The girl says innocently

"Okay, since you helped me with a big problem today, I will send you a handsome photo of Lu Xia, as soon as I have one." Qi Ying smiles before Xiao Sha leaves


"I have made a new training plan." Yan says coming to the front of the first team with a basket full of balls "Jiale, please help me demonstrate it."

"No wonder you keep staring at me. You want to use me as an example."

"More as a lab rat." Lu Jia murmurs making Zhuo Zhi and Xinglong, who were by her sides, snicker

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