Crimes we have committed- Chapter 1

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My breath fogged up the window as I sat in the backseat of the car, contemplating jumping out of the moving vehicle if Bill and Jerry didnt shut up soon. They had been arguing since we had left and I was on the edge of my sanity. A jab in my side from a sleeping Marys elbow did nothing to help my sour mood.

Truthfully speaking, I detested everyone in the car. The only reason I came with them on this stupid trip was because of my adopted sister, Denise. Her dad only allowed her to go on this trip if she brought me, Sisterly bonding time, as he had called it, it was far more likely that one of us ended up at the bottom of a ditch in the middle of nowhere before we made it back. If you were to ask Don and Denise for their opinions on what kind of person I was you would receive two very different answers, and one was almost correct.

I had effectively fooled Don into thinking I was much more fragile than I truly was, my quiet nature was helpful in that. Denise however had an inkling that I wasnt as innocent as I acted, and she was right. Though, her opinion was formed solely out of jealousy and not intelligence. This led to her having a particularly low tolerance for my presence which upset her father since to him it seemed that she was being unnecessarily rude to a meek and innocent orphan that he had taken under his wing.

Of course he had no idea how wrong he was.

I had been in his care for less than a year, a few months ago I turned 18 meaning I no longer had to stay. It was only a matter of time before I left, I considered leaving while on this trip and I suppose I was still thinking about it. I was only worried about how easy it would be to get back on my feet wherever I end up at. My parents died when I was 16, their death was listed as an accident and I was the only one who knew different. I had murdered them before setting the house on fire, leaving the damage I had personally inflicted unnoticed on their charred skin. I had no true reason for the crimes I committed, besides that I knew I could get away with it.

They were good people, neither of them had ever laid a hand on me or even insulted me. Which only helped me evade any suspension. To everyone around us we were the perfect white picket fence family with no problems among us, this was also the belief my parents had about us until they awoke that night. I took my time with them, I knew I would be safe from visitors in the dead of night and therefore I was in no rush to finish my work. Their death did not come by my blade, instead they found their end in flames.

I started the fire in the hallway, in between my bedroom door and my parents. I knew that it might be noticed if I started it with gasoline so instead I messed with the wires in the lighting. It took some time for the fire to start and by then I had already worked my story out.

According to the authorities, all people in the house were sleeping soundly when tragedy struck. The only child awoke when the fire was already stretching into their room and was left with no choice but to jump through their window, snapping their ankle and left with no time to call for their parents. They would not discover their parents fate until they were in the back of an ambulance, and upon the discovery of their parents death they experienced a panic attack and sobbed until they were taken away to the hospital. After a short investigation, the fire was found to be electrical and declared accidental. It didnt take long for me to be sent to my first home, nor did it take long for me to be removed from it.

You see, the thing about murder is- its a drug like no other. I knew from the first cut I made on my mothers body that they wouldnt be the end of it. However, I knew it would look suspicious if members of the family I got placed into died so soon after my parents. Not to say I didnt target a few people outside of the household I was placed in, but the thrill wasnt the same. The betrayal wasnt there, the terror in seeing someone you trusted so much you considered them family kill you was no where to be found in a strangers death.

I was broken out of my thoughts by jerry banging on the opposite window of me, startling Denise from her sleep and causing her to look at him annoyed. He told her something about the gas station they had pulled over to being sick and that we needed to see it.


Oh wow look at that, Im alive. Im working on going through the chapters and editing them and then hopefully I am going to continue this story. Thank you for the patience.

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