The Luckiest Woman

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Christian left for a business meeting in Singapore an hour ago and will be gone for at least three days. He has left me with our children but I can cope. It's difficult but luckily I have two blonde nannies to help me because Christian doesn't want me to let myself go.

Tonight I'm going out with my best friend Kate who has decided we will go to a posh new club, so I will need to dress up nice. Whilst looking through my clothes I find Kate's plum dress, which I am borrowing indefinitely, and decide to wear it again. As I look in the mirror in the bathroom my heart sinks. A pale skinny woman with thick brown wavy hair and big blue eyes stares back at me. Clearly these are unattractive features, but I will have to make the most of it. I settle for putting my hair up beautifully and putting on a little make-up to enhance my disagreeable features . "Holy crap! What does Christian see in me?" I think, and sigh as I leave the bathroom -determined not to let it ruin my night out.

I arrive at the club alone and as soon as I step in I get an email from Kate which reads:

Ana, I'll be a few minutes late as the kids refuse to go to bed!

I feel a bit annoyed at being left on my own for a while and think of how Kate is just not as good a mother as I am as I walk over to the bar to get a drink. I make a mental note to tell her she should get a nanny too when I notice a man ordering drinks next to me. I glance at him and think that he might've been attractive if I would ever think that about a man who wasn't Christian. He turns to me and smiles.

"Hi there." he says.
"Hello." I reply.
"I'm Peter." Peter says while holding out a hand.
I shake it and tell him my name and start blushing.

We talk for a while for which I feel a bit guilty. He clearly wants more from me just like every other man I have ever met even though I'm not attractive. It must be because of my great personality. My inner goddess scowls at me. I know she's worried I might take it too far and have fun. I decide to talk about my husband a lot and tell him how Christian is a billionaire and how much he loves me. Kate finally arrives and he introduces herself to Peter, asks me how I'm doing and walks to the other side of the bar to get a drink.

"Sorry about that." I say to Peter.
"About what?" He asks looking puzzled.
"About the Katherine Kavanagh Inquisition." I say with an apologetic look.
"What do you mean?" Asks Peter, now looking very confused.
"Jeez," I think.
"Those questions. I know it's annoying but you get used to it." I say.
Peter frowns. "Didn't she just ask how you were doing?"
"Holy crap, this man is probably being really polite by pretending he didn't notice her horribly invasive questions." I think to myself.

Kate has struck up a conversation with the barman. She's such a flirt, always chatting and laughing with other men. I smirk as I think of how much purer I am because I saved myself for Christian.

Peter is also looking at Kate with interest. He asks me about Kate and I tell him how we met and how we became roommates. We strike up a short conversation about University but he suddenly interrupts me and asks "You never had a computer, phone or email address? How did you get through University, especially when you had to share a laptop with Kate who was studying as well?" He now looks completely incredulous. "Um.." I say, but luckily Kate comes back from the bar and saves me from having to give Peter a lengthy and obvious explanation. She talks to him for a while and he seems to enjoy himself. My subconscious of which I'm conscious waggles her finger at Kate's flirtatiousness and I feel smug.

"Anastasia Rose Grey," a very familiar cold voice says behind me. I see Kate's face fall but I beam as I turn around and see my gorgeous husband standing there. He looks absolutely furious and incredibly sexy as his trousers hang from his hips in that way and he is wearing that tie. Holy crap!
"Christian, what are you doing here? I thought you'd be on a plane to Singapore by now." I ask.
"I was, but when you didn't answer your phone I tracked your phone before boarding the plane to see where you were. The signal came from this club. I had to know if you were alright." He says, his face an angry scowl.

"Jeez, he always gets so concerned," I think. And I explain that I didn't hear my phone in the noise of the club. "I was going to message you later but it was a spur of the moment decision." He then turns to scowl at Kate. "How nice!" he says. Kate returns his scowl with a look of haughty determination. "I thought she deserved a night out," she said coldly. I know she thinks Christian is too controlling and has tried to warn me before that stalking and limiting your contacts isn't romantic. I've tried to explain that he isn't stalking me, he's just concerned but she still thinks it's wrong. I guess Elliot doesn't love her as much as Christian loves me, and I feel sorry for her.

"Let's go home." Christian orders, and the angry look he gives me makes me scared. Kate has told me a few times that being scared of your husband isn't a good thing but I know Christian is just very mercurial. Kate tries to convince us to stay but Christian grabs me tightly by the arm and steers me towards the exit. "Laters," he says to them and as I turn to wave and see that Kate looks worried and Peter looks horrified.

As he shoves me in to the car outside he bruises my arm a bit. I can tell he's really angry that I didn't tell him I was going out and I start to apologise.
He gets in to the car next to me and quickly gives the driver directions, then he turns his beautiful angry eyes to me. "How many times do I have to tell you that I get worried when you just leave the house like that?" He rages. "Especially after everything that has happened!" I feel bad because he is right, and try to excuse myself by telling him I just wanted a few hours with Kate. "And other men!" He snaps. "We were just chatting to Peter, nothing more." I reply but Christian ignores me and doesn't talk to me or or look at me 'till we're home. When we walk in the front door he is red with anger and as soon as the door closes behind us he pushes me against the wall in the hallway. It hurts as my back slams against the stone and I beg him to stop, still telling him I'm sorry. He has always had a short fuse but it seems to have gotten shorter in the last few months, but it's my own fault. "Don't ever do that to me again you slut!" Christian shouts and he slaps me in the face. My head snaps back and hits the wall and I start to cry with terror and pain. He just stands there pinning me against the wall panting for a few minutes. Then slowly he presses himself against me and starts kissing my face. I can feel he's turned on. "Ana, Ana, Ana, you know that when you make me angry I have to punish you." He says, his voice softer. My terror starts to fade as I know the worst of his anger is spent. "Otherwise you'll never learn how to behave." He strokes my face and starts kissing away the tears. "You look beautiful and innocent right now, like a child." This would've been creepy if he wasn't a handsome billionaire, but as he is, it's really sexy and cute. I start to relax a bit and return his kisses whilst still mumbling how sorry I am. My poor fifty shades!

The next morning  I wake up feeling sore all over and I remember the amorous love we made last night. I feel Christian next to me in bed and hear him breathing slow and steady. I get up and quietly walk to the bathroom so as not to wake him. I look in the mirror and see the black eye he gave me and start to cover the bruise with make-up. I've had enough practise to know how to hide them best. Kate has asked me about them before and I've told her it's not abuse, it's kink. I am so lucky to have a man who loves me with such a passion. It's the kind of relationship everyone wants.

I answered Troutnation's call. Thanks for reading my short spoof of 50 Shades of Abuse, the least romantic and erotic books I've ever read.

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