2. Collission

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Shanthi Villa - Gauri, Kali and Bhavya's residence

Gauri squirmed in sleep as Bhavya kept on shaking her.

"Let me sleep, Bhavya!" She muttered irritatedly at her always-irritating yet loving cousin.

"You continue your beauty sleep after meeting your guests." Bhavya pulled away the quilt, and tried pulling up Gauri too.

"Guests!" Gauri rolled her eyes instantly."Stop your never-succeeding tricks, Bhavu!" She pouted and tried to lay down again but Bhavya pulled her again.

"No ways! That Oberoi brat and his brothers are here!" She informed.

Gauri smiled sleepily and, instantly frowned and made faces on hearing the name a Jhatadhari Hippie and certain arrogant Kanji Aankhon waala flashed in her mind making her scowl.

"Early morning!? Don't they have a business empire to take care of rather than disturbing us?" She said jumping off the bed, her quilt discarded far away and stopped abruptly. "You handle them, I'll brush and come!"

"Shall I make my special mirchi waala chai for them?" Bhavya asked smirking.

"No! Make extra-sweet coffee for those bitter gourds. Why do they have to appear before me early in the morning, only to make my day worse? Isn't my mood sore already?" She whined stomping into the washroom


Shivaay and Omkara scrunched their faces as they took a sip of coffee. This girl should have at least asked them how much sugar to be put.

Bhavya glared the trio as they sat on the couch glancing everywhere but her.

"Would you like to have something else, Mr. Oberoi?" She asked in an extra sweet voice to Shivaay which rang a bell in the youngest Oberoi's brain. Door hi raho toh accha hai!

"We never knew you were an ACP!" Shivaay said rubbing his forehead.

"I'm an undercover cop. So it's better to be a secret!" Bhavya unapologetically faked a smile.

"Bhaiyya, how do you know her?" Rudra asked Shivaay in a whisper.

"A discussion for later!" A whisper came in reply.

"Well, don't think that only others are bound to know the Oberois. Even Oberois must know certain people and certain rules. Right, Mr. Oberoi?" Bhavya said with a smiling face, a sarcastic smile! "And I guess, I had been great help to you in that matter."

"Arrey, aap log! At a commoner's house!!" Gauri exclaimed as she walked to the drawing room. "Is there any deal going on nearby? Or came to provide free lecture to someone?"

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra neatly chucked the taunt aside and stood up to greet Gauri, seeing which she raised her brows.

"You came to the wrong house, I guess!" Gauri blinked her eyes seeing 'The SSO' being humble.

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