Sideline Love {1}

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"Macy! Where's your water bottle?" I shouted over my shoulder, looking through our cupboards.

"In my bag!" She huffed, hopping on one foot while pulling her cleat onto the other. When I finished filling up her water bottle, I threw it in her duffle bag and pulled it over my shoulder.

"Let's go guys! We're suppose to be there in five minutes!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!" My five year old brother, Caden, yelled coming up the stairs with his arms completely full of his transformer toys.

"Caden you can only bring two toys." I told him.

"Why?" He whined. "I need all of them to play!"

"You'll lose them all. You can take one for each hand and that's it."

"Fine." He turned around and stomped to his room.

"Macy, do you have your ball?"


"How about your slides?"

"In my bag."

"Carson, are you coming?" I asked my fifteen year old brother who was sitting at the counter on his phone.


"Well then get in the van!" I snapped my fingers at him and followed him outside. I threw Macy's duffel and three lawn chairs into the back of the mini van. After I made sure everyone was buckled in I pulled out of the garage and started driving to the field Macy was going to play at today.

"Mace, mom wanted me to tell you she knows you're going to do awesome and she's sorry that she had a meeting today. She might be able to make it to the last quarter but it's kind of sketchy." I explained to my little sister.

"That's okay. The Turbos aren't very high ranked so it shouldn't be too big of a game."

Macy is 13 and is part of one of the most well known competitive soccer teams in the state. Our whole family's kind of soccer fanatics and grew up playing it. The girls on her team were the same ones she played with when she was eight and they're all best friends.

I dropped Macy off by the field while I went to park the van and got everything set up on the sidelines. I sent Carson to the playground with Caden and set my chair down on the grass.

"Hey hon! Where's your mom?" Alice, another soccer mom, asked me.

"She had to work today but she said to tell you hi." I smiled at her, trying to seem as pleasant as possible.

"Oh, how sweet of her!" She cooed.

I looked out at the field and spotted Macy doing warm-ups with the rest of her team. As I looked across the field at the rest of her teammates, I realized that there were a few I didn't recognize.

"Hey Alice," I leaned towards her.

"Yes dear?" She said in her naturally perky voice.

"Who are the new girls?" I asked pointing towards them.

"Well, Jon decided that he wanted to have more girls on the team to make sure we had subs at all times so he had a second tryout."

"He's never done that before." I murmured.

"It's kind of weird that he chose to but if you had seen these girls at the last few games then you would know that he made the right choice. They're fantastic players and are already great friends with the rest of the girls." Alice continued to babble.

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