Chapter 1:Memories

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Amelia's POV

" I don't want to go, Dad," I said for the 100th time today and he was still arguing with me about going the Blood Moon dance.

" I told you I don't care if you want to go or not. You are going and that's final. We have to represent our pack, " my dad (Alpha James) shouted from downstairs.

Think Amelia. Think of a good excuse...

Then I got it, " I don't have anything to wear " I yelled back as I nodded to myself thinking that it was a good one.

Then he stormed up to his room and slammed the door open, then after a few minutes he slammed my door open and was holding a black bag. He took a deep breath and collected himself before speaking to me again.

" This was the dress your mother's. She wore to the dance...the night I met her and she always said that if had a daughter that she would wear it the night, she hopefully meet her mate" he said tearing up a little as he thought about his mate.

My mom...she was kidnapped when I was three and after searching for her until the time I was about five, they pronounced dead and laid her memory to rest.

"Dad can you bring the dress here so I can see it," I said feeling defeated, but he was sad so I wasn't going to fight it anymore.

He nodded, walked over and put the dress in my hands. I pulled the zipper and looked at its beauty for a few seconds before I could even make a sound.

"It's beautiful," I said in shock, as stared down at gown.

It was a gorgeous light blue. It had a floral lace pattern through at the skirt and it had straps that intentionally fell off the shoulders. It was perfect... I have never felt more connected to my mom then I do right now.

"I never said your mother had a bad taste in clothing," he said smiling again

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"I never said your mother had a bad taste in clothing," he said smiling again.

I returned his smile with one of my own and wiped away a few stray tears that fell from my eyes.

" Now go, so I can get ready," I said playfully as I shooed him out of my room.

I checked the clock and it read 5:00 that meant I only had an hour to get ready. I ran to the bathroom dress in hand, quickly showered and did my hair and makeup. Once I put the dress on, don't even ask me how I got it zipped, I looked in my floor length mirror. Mom's dress fits me like a glove, we must have been the same size at this age.

When I walked back into my room, I noticed that I had finished just in time. Almost like clockwork, I heard my dad's steps on the wooden stairs.

" Time to go my little moon, " my dad called.

Yes the nickname that my dad gave me was the little moon... my last name is Lune, so it makes sense.

" Ok Dad, be down in a minute," I said as I quickly grabbed my heels and that matched my dress.

When I walked into the foyer, my Dad staring at me and tearing up.

" Is it that bad because I can go..." I began, but he stopped me before I could continue.

"No, don't do anything it looks perfect. It's remind me so much of Martha (my mom) in that dress," he said as he tried to get a hold of himself.

" Thank you for letting me borrow it," I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Let's go now before we are late for the mate dance," my dad said as he pushed me out the front door.

As I stood on the curb, looking at the limo that my dad forgot to tell me about, I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I felt my dad's hand go onto my shoulder, I turned and squealed like a little girl on Christmas.

"Thank you," I said as I held onto his hand.

I turned and gave him a hug, then I went to get into the open limo, but being me I tripped. I fell face first into leather seats of the limo, the driver went to help me up but my dad stopped him. I have always been really clumsy. I flipped over and sat in my seat like nothing had ever happened.

My dad chuckled a little at the driver's face, then got in next to me. The driver closed the door and went around to his seat. He got in and gave us a smile before clipping his seat belt and driving.

Then we were off. I was going to the Blood Moon Mate ball even though I didn't want to, much like all the other Alpha daughters, but can't I have hope? Maybe my long lost mate will finally show himself...

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