Warning: This gets very graphic & has some intense, heated moments with inappropiate language. So if you're younger than 15 I don't suggest reading it. But I just wanted to inform and warn you before you read. Hope you like it, comment or vote Xx

Tonight was just amazing?! You couldn't believe you got to see you're favorite band ever, One Direction! You won front row tickets and a backstage pass on the radio for their concert at Madison Square Garden and you were thrilled. During the concert, you couldn't help but dance around and sing along to all their songs. You noticed the boys, particularly Zayn, eying you the whole night. You didn't think much of it cause they probably do it to all their fans.

Once the concert ended, you headed backstage. Butterflies forming in your stomach. Different emotions roaming throughout your mind. Is this real? You thought to yourself. It finally hit you once you were there, in the same room, standing with them. After talking to them for awhile, they were really cool guys. They were easy to talk too and very sweet. You didn't want to end the conversation, until Zayn invited you back with them to their hotel. Once you got to the hotel, you guys went straight up to their penthouse suite, which was huge and extremely beautiful. As you were in awe, the boys slammed and locked the door shut, all crowding around you now.

Uhm, what's going on?” You asked, a little nervous now.

Oh, we just wanna have some fun tonight.” Zayn smirked, looking you up and down with lust in his eyes.

Yeah. Let's make tonight even more special.” Louis said. The boys immediately ripped off their shirts and looked like they wanted to attack you. This queasy feeling erupting inside you, but you couldn't keep your eyes off them. They were all just so freakin' gorgeous. Their tanned skinned against their amazing chests engraved with abs. Zayn rushed over behind you, running his hands all over your body, sending you goosebumps in the process. He brushed your hair to the side of your head and slid his head in the crook of your neck and began to nibble, making you tilt your head back from the feeling he was giving you.

You didn't know what was coming over you. All you knew was that you wanted him badly. Right now. The boys were watching, waiting anxiously for their turn with you.

Come on, mate. Ya gotta share.” Liam whined jokingly. Zayn's mouth left your neck, leaving you purple, love bites all over. They all gathered around you once again, running their hands all over you, exploring your body. You let out little slight moans from their touch. Niall stripped you off of your shirt, while Harry pulled down your pants, leaving you in only your pink bra and matching thong. The boys stared at your half naked body, looking you up and down. Their eyes full of lust and excitement. They quickly ripped off their pants, leaving them in their boxers. You noticed their huge bulges through them, ready to burst out.

Harry came up behind you, running his long fingers along your back. You could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck, making the hairs on the back of your neck stick up. He grabbed a hold of your arse and began to squeeze and caress0 your cheeks. Niall and Liam came in front of you, groping both your breasts. While Louis was giving you trails of little kisses up and down your body. Zayn was on the side off you and crashed his lips onto yours. 

He rushed into things, moving his lips faster in sync with yours. He slipped his tongue into your mouth without asking for entrance, moving it all around with yours.

You could already feel yourself getting wet with all them pleasing every inch of your body, sending this overwhelming feeling throughout you. Harry took you by the hand and led you over to the king sized bed. He laid you on your back and crawled towards you, giving you kisses up your leg. He pecked your center, causing this slight tingly feeling inside you. He rub his hand on the outside of your panties. His hands were amazing, and big! His whole hand covered all of you.

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