Beginning Shuttle Life

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Post Written by Aisha Moretti

1 May 2249

And so, the adventure of a lifetime begins. In two days, my family and I will say goodbye to Earth and head for greener pastures.

Welcome to our blog. We're a family from Sydney, Australia who have decided to pack up and live the shuttle life. What does that mean? Essentially, we've sold up everything we own, purchased a used passenger shuttle and converted it into a flying home. We're taking our family to the stars.

You might be wondering why would we'd do such a thing? We're not usually big travellers. We've actually never been off world before. But seeing the universe is something that my husband and I have always dreamed of. We talked about it as far back as our honeymoon. Initially, we put it off because of my career as a doctor. Then we put it off because we chose to start a family. Now, our eldest is 16, and our youngest is 6. We realised there was nothing holding us back.

You may also wonder why we would take our kids away from home, especially with our son only a few years away from adulthood. What about future study, and a career of his own? Believe me, I've asked myself those questions many times. The truth is Jackson is just as keen as the rest of us to put some distance between us and Earth. I'm not going to share all the details here (maybe later) but some things have happened with our family recently that makes us all want to start fresh. Besides, he has a few years yet before he has to worry about university or job-hunting. And this trip will be the most educational experience of his life. Same goes for our daughter.

Our daughter Lilian was the most hesitant of all of us. She didn't want to leave her friends behind, but she warmed up to the idea a lot as we were working on the shuttle.

Blake is a mechanic, and while his job didn't involve working on spaceships specifically, he's learnt a lot over the last year. He's now well equipped to maintain the systems on our new flying home. With his mechanical skills, and my medical skills, we're in a good position to do this safely and responsibly.

I won't tell you too much about the ship itself. I'll make Blake write a post of his own, taking you through those details. My intention here is just to introduce you to what we're doing, and what you can expect from this blog.

So why do all this in an old-fashioned blog? We could document it in video or holo form. The simple answer to that is that I've always enjoyed writing. I've been keeping diaries my whole life. And as we start this new adventure, I thought it would only be fitting to share my musings with the world. If you've read this far then you're likely interested.

Today we officially vacated our house. We launch in two days and will be staying with Blake's parents for the next two nights. I hope you'll join us as we begin our adventure.

 I hope you'll join us as we begin our adventure

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